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Capcom has revealed Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite at PlayStation Experience 2016 along with some details. The new game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and will launch in 2017 for both PS4 and PC!

In the announcement trailer we see Ryu and Mega Man fighting against Irom Man and Captain Marvel but we had a chance to see actual gameplay too with Captain America and Morrigan joining the fight. This time the fights are 2v2 instead of 3v3 but there is a new mechanic in the game, the Infinity Stones. Players will be able to choose between power, space, time, reality, soul and mind stone and gain its power during the fight. The game will have many different modes like Story Mode, Mission, Arcade, Training, Ranked and Casual to make happy every type of player.

Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite   Gameplay   Trailer   PSX 2016  

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