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One of the many things players loved in The Witcher 3 was Gwent, the in game card game that made The Wicther 3 even greater. Many fans requested from CD Projekt Red a stand alone Gwent game and the studio decided to make that request reality. During Microsoft's E3 press conference Gwent: The Witcher Card Game was announced and made all us The Witcher fans very happy.

In Gwent each player starts by drawing ten cards from the deck, after that the only way to draw more cards is by playing special units that allow you to do so. Keep in mind that each match is a best of three so you will have to win two rounds with these ten cards in order to win the match. The are three type of cards in the game: units, weather cards and magic cards. Units are the creatures or minions of the game and there are three types of them: melee, ranged and siege. For each unit type there is a lane on the board so if you play a melee unit for example it will come down to the melee lane. Each unit has a number that represents its power, in order to win the total power of all your units has to be bigger than the total power of your opponent at the end of the round. Weather cards usually weaken a lane. For example the fog card reduces all ranged units power to one while magic cards can destroy units or buff others.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will be available for Xbox One and PC while the closed beta is coming this September and you can sign up for a chance to participate at the official site here

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