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Echo Of Soul Closed Beta is out.You can gain access by buying a founders pack or if you are lucky like me by applying for closed beta on the official site and get invited.

Echo Of Soul has five classes.Warrior,Archer,Rogue,Guardian and Sorceress.Each class has two specializations with two different skill trees so you can customize your class in a way that fits your playstyle.Skill tree unlocks at level 10 and you gain 1 skill point every two levels so you have to choose carefully with which spell you will go

                                                Echo Of Soul First Dungeon Gameplay EU CBT

Echo Of Soul has solo dungeons,party dungeons and also 10 and 20-man raids.At level 10 the dungeon tab also unlocks and you can enter the first dungeon of the game named Hidden Cavern,a dark cave field with nagas and two boss encounters.The fisrt party dungeon of the game unlocks later in the game at level 35 while the raid dungeons are not available in closed beta.


                                       Echo Of Soul EU Closed Beta Sorceress Battlefield PvP Gameplay

If you are more a player-vs-player type of guy Echo Of Soul offers two different types of pvp.The Battlefield which is a 15vs15 area where you have to fight to capture bases and gain points for your team in order to win and the Arena which is a 5vs5 death match with ranking system for the max level players.Participaiting in PvP earns you currency points that you can spent to purchase pvp items.

                                 Sorceress Starting Area Gameplay (That one is from Thai version)

Echo Of Soul   Echo Of Soul Closed Beta   EoS   Gameplay   Preview  

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