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Attack On Titan E3 Gameplay, Details and Release Date

Attack On Titan is a game based on the popular anime and we had a chance to take a look at some gameplay. The game is an action rpg and is telling the story of the first season of the anime. There will be four playable characters in story mode, each one with his own special attack. The visuals of the game are similar to the anime series, your character mainly uses his 3D maneuver gear to move and attack the titans. When it comes to titans you will be able to attack specific parts of their body in order to weaken them and kill them, attacking their body parts will also give you materials that you can use to upgrade your weapons and your gear. As you fight the titans your weapons will take damage and the gas for the maneuver gear will be depleted so you will have to manage your resources be

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Battle Chasers: Nightwars – E3 Gameplay And Details

Another RPG that that drew my attention this year at E3 was Battle Chasers: Nightwars. The game was successfully kickstarted earlier this year, it is based on a comic book and the creators of the game are the same guys behind Darksiders franchise. The game is actually a JRPG with the art style of a comic book, you will explore random generated dungeons with your three heroes and when you run into enemies you will face them in a turn-based battle. Each hero has two normal attacks that cost no mana, they deal a small amount of damage and they build up overcharge. Overcharge is giving you a temporary mana boost so you can use your special attacks without spending your actual mana but keep in mind that overcharge resets and the end of each combat. There are also the more powerful abilities th

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