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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends First Look

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is an online card game quite different from the others where each player creates his unique adventure.

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Salt And Sanctuary PC Version First Look

Salt And Sanctuary is another great indie title that deserves your attention

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Magic Duels Origins First Look

This time Wizard Of The Coast decided to go with the free to play model for the latest Magic: The Gathering game. For those not familiar with the game Magic: The Gathering is the most successful trading card game and made its first appearance as a PC game back in 1997. Like in Hearthstone you start with the basic cards and you have to build your deck in order to compete with other players. As you are playing you are earning gold for defeating other players and completing quests,you can spent your gold to buy card packs and upgrade your deck with new cards. The gaming experience is very close to the real Magic: The Gathering TCG and I really enjoy the game so far. I believe Magic Duels Origins can really work but I don't believe it will become as big as Hearthstone,not because it is worse but because it is darker,more complicated and more “hardcore” then Hearthstone.

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Cabal 2 First Look

Cabal 2 has officially entered Open Beta on July 2.There are 6 classes available in the game,Warrior, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Blader, Force Shielder and a new class that wasn't in the previous game,Priest. That makes Cabal 2 a traditional tank – healer – dps mmo with each class having a specific role,something we didn't see in Cabal Online. You start you journey as a mercenary trying to get your sister back from the group that kidnapped her.

The gameplay is quite different from the first game,actually Cabal 2 is closer to the generic mmos, it's a lot less action-oriented than Cabal Online and I wonder why developers chose to go down that way. Cabal Online gameplay was somewhat different from the most mmos out there and I liked that. The combo and the chain skill system is still th

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Inspirit Online Closed Beta First Look

Inspirit Online is an isometric action mmo rpg with anime graphics known as ELOA in Korea. There are three races and four classes available in the game with no gender lock,Knight,Mage,Gunner and Psychic. Each class has three different stances and you switch between them anytime. For every stance there is a different set of abilities and a different weapon,for example the knight class on defender's stance uses sword and shield and has tanking abilities while on destruction stance uses a two handed weapon and has damage dealing abilities. In most of hack 'n slash games classes don't have a specific role but the tank-healer-dps rule applies here.

Each class has a skill tree and you begin to get skill points after level 10 so you can build your character however you like. Another interesting feature is the pet system,pets can be hatched from eggs that you can obtain by killing monsters and each pet gives you a unique bonus. PvP is also there,you can participate in arena style pvp batt

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Revelation Online Open Beta Level 1-30 Impression

Revelation Online has entered open beta on 19th June and like most of the Chinese games there is no ip block. There are 6 classes available for you to choose, Blader,Gunner,Elementalist,Necromancer,Paladin and Summoner with no gender lock. An interesting feture of Revelations Online is that you get to choose how exactly you want to play the game,you can go with the classic tab targeting and point to move system,with the more action style moving with wasd keys and attacking with left and right mouse buttons or stand somewhere between these two play styles. Personally I prefer the action rpg style and with that option the gameplay is pretty similar to Blade & Soul,you run around avoiding enemy's attacks while spamming skills. I leveled up two classes,a Blader to level 30 and a Necromancer to level 25,the gameplay between these two is pretty different.

What I didn't like about Revelation was that you spend more time running around delivering quests,interacting with objects and wat

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