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Recently, the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 Online has arrived, under the name: Stormblood.

I am a veteran FFXIV player, and I love this game, so I was very excited to try out the new content. Many people left the game after the last expansion: Heavensward (including me), but now it seems Square Enix saved the game (again).

They added 2 new classes: the samurai, and the red mage. I have to say, they did a very good job with these classes, both feel unique and fun to play. Their class story is also interresting. The only negativity is, that now dps have a very long wait time in dungeons, because everyone wants to play the new classes, but that was to be expected, and on max level it won't be a problem.

Here is a picture of my Red Mage:

The new zones are simply breathtaking, and there is now everything I have wished for regarding zones in this game. They added some western fantasy styled zones in Heavensward with lots of dragons, and snowy castles, now they have added some asian styled zones, including a chinese village, and a huge japanese dock city. Also there are under water zones, and big green steppes. All of them are stunningly beautiful, I had to stop myself several times, taking too much photos :) Here are some images below:

Also, they made some big changes to the class system: for example cross class skills are now removed, instead there are now class groups, and you can choose from the group skills the ones you want to use, and don't have to level up another job.

The biggest change in skill system in my opinion is the pvp skill system. There are now separate pvp skills, only useable on battlegrounds and arenas, pve skill can not be used there. I really like this change, because the pvp feels now more fun and polished and balanced.

The casters have for example now many instant cast skills, like the summoner can instantly put on dots or summon Bahamut, and deal damage instantly. You can also choose from some passive skills and class group skills.

Just look at my Bahamut dragon, doesn't it look cool? ^^

The new dungeons are fun, and good looking, I am still exploring, so I can't say much about endcontent, but the leveling dungeons from 60 to 70 are definitelly a blast!

Here is for example the new Susano trial on normal mode:

Here is another leveling dungeon:

More dungeon gameplays coming soon, follow my channel if you don't want to miss them!


Altogether, if you are thinking of trying this game, or coming back, this is definitelly the time! The new expansion is worth it!

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