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Revelation- New Chick Mount

A new, cute flying mount will arrive in the latest patch of Revelation Online, on the Chinese servers! It's sooo adorable *.* I hope we will get it soon ont he western servers too! This mount comes in many shapes and colors, which one is your favorite?

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Twilight Spirits: New loli healer class

As the next Twilight Spirits closed beta is around the corner, Netease has announced a new loli class: a healer!

This is the most epic healer I have ever seen! Will definitelly try it out if I get into the beta!

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Closers Coming to the West? +Classes selection

There is a rumor going around, that Nexon's Closers is coming to the West. They shut down a private server in NA, saying "People would mistake it for the official server, and that wouldn't make a good impression for the future" Though, they didn't confirm yet, it has a high chance they did this, thinking about a future western release. In Closers, classes' looks are locked at the beginning, because of the story, (like in Kritika Online) but ingame or in shop you can get some nice costumes to change the looks of your choosen character. The game is in 2D, but it is so well done, that you don't really feel it, and the combat is fast paced, and fun. I have really hard time choosing between SoulWorker and this, both have their pros and cons.

Gameplay video coming soon too!

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Revelation-Party Time!

The emotes in Revelation are very detailed, funny, and there is so many, that it has a separated menu! You can also use permament emotes for your face, and walk around for example angry :D There are also several dance emotes, each is different for every human type.

I made a music video with the dance emotes, hope you will like it! (warning, it contains flashing images!)

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Bless-Male character Creation

Hello guys! As I promised, here are some MALE character creations from Bless Online! Sorry for the small delay, enjoy! 

Male Panthera:

Male Amistad (Herion Human):

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