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New Game: Rend

A new game has entered Pre-Alpha phase, it's name is Rend!
This hybrid survival game summons players to align with one of three factions before they’re
dropped into a beautiful, but brutal fantasy world where they must strategically team up with other players and
friends to battle enemy creatures and rival factions in a relentless, competitive race towards ascension.
Featuring PvP and PvE, Rend challenges the traditional survival game blueprint with the introduction of player
factions, RPG elements, win/loss conditions and massive, culminating war experiences never before witnessed
by players in this genre. In Rend, players choose how they interact and participate in the world, and are
immediately connected to a larger community that creates a place and purpose for every type of pl

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Moonlight Blade-Spring Festival Update

This years Spring Festival in Moonlight Blade will give us some very nice looking costumes, festive items, and a new feature that looks like time freeze, and can be found at 2:30 in the video 

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KUF2 TW CBT-War tutorial gameplay

Kindom Under Fire || CBT just started on the Taiwan servers. In this game you can control big troops to fight the enemy, and it has a great potential. This is my gameplay footage about the troop control (war) tutorial.

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MMOsite Readers Choice Award-Most Anticipated Client Games Category

Hello everyone!

December has arrived, and MMOsite's voting competition for the best games just started.

Here is the video about my choices, and the review of the games.

If you have decided after watching my video, what is the best game for you, click on the following link to make your vote:


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Revelation-Shrine God Mode Guide

Shrine God mode is currently the hardest dungeon in the Revelation CBT because of the lvl 49 cap. But it's also quite fun, there are many things you have to watch out for in this dungeon, especially in God mode. If you don't, it can be a big chaos. Dungeons in this game has 3 major modes: normal, hard, god. In god mode there are also 3 modes: basic, nightmare, hell. This guide is for basic mode, the nightmare is not that much different, there you can not ressurect, only with a tear item you got by farming basic god mode, and also the spells are one hitting you. Enjoy! 

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Revelation Guide-AFK leveling, fishing, bag expansion

Hello everyone! My new mic just arrived, so finally I could make my new guide video, with better voice quality!  It's about the great AFK leveling system, fishing, bag and warehouse expansion! Enjoy!

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Revelation-How to change your looks for FREE?!

Hi everyone! I know everyone wants to know about the appereance changing feature in Revelation. I have a good news for you: it's totally free, and it has also some nice other aspects. For more information here is my new video guide about it: 

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