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Final Fantasy 14- Stormblood Expansion Review

Recently, the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 Online has arrived, under the name: Stormblood.

I am a veteran FFXIV player, and I love this game, so I was very excited to try out the new content. Many people left the game after the last expansion: Heavensward (including me), but now it seems Square Enix saved the game (again).

They added 2 new classes: the samurai, and the red mage. I have to say, they did a very good job with these classes, both feel unique and fun to play. Their class story is also interresting. The only negativity is, that now dps have a very long wait time in dungeons, because everyone wants to play the new classes, but that was to be expected, and on max level it won't be a problem.

Here is a picture of my Red Mage:

The new zones are simply breathtaking, and th

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Revelation Online - Gearing Guide

Still many people don't know in Revelation, how to get a decent gear for their level, this Gearing Guide is for them! I hope the video will answer all of your questions!

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Dauntless-Alpha Sign up

Phoenix Labs today announced details surrounding the upcoming Alpha for their online co-op action RPG, Dauntless. Over the next few months, Phoenix Labs will be rolling out invite-only Alpha tests in preparation of the Dauntless Open Beta later this year. Interested players can sign up through the Alpha Sign Up form and will be selected based on a variety of factors, including hardware specifications, location, favorite game genres and more. The first alpha test is expected to launch in the next couple of months and will continue into the summer, with a cadence of tests scheduled throughout. Alpha playtesters will directly contribute to the development of Dauntless with their feedback being used to help shape the game.

Dauntless is a free-to-play online action RPG where players work togeth

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Revelation- New Chick Mount

A new, cute flying mount will arrive in the latest patch of Revelation Online, on the Chinese servers! It's sooo adorable *.* I hope we will get it soon ont he western servers too! This mount comes in many shapes and colors, which one is your favorite?

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