Support Damage / Healing of ArcheAge Spellsinger Class Guide for PVP

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Believe there are many players always like to take the Spellsinger (Sorcery + Songcraft + Shadowplay) and Daggerspell (Sorcery + Witchcraft + Shadowplay) class for comparison. Some questions like which class has the damage in PVP or which class has the best for PVE? In fact, Spellsinger has Bloody Chanty to increase damage and is generally defined as a glass cannon in this game. While Daggerspell class is better at PVE to leveling, Witchcraft + Sorcery lets you grind mobs and dungeons without stopping. OK, today we mainly discuss Spellsinger class in here. If you are interested in Daggerspell class guide, click here to know more.

Spellsinger has the highest damage, mostly instant cast combos for the highest damage output and crit chance for Zeal. Spellsinger is very fun and will be God when LV55 unlock, because the Zeal passive skill can let your fireball do a lot of damage and magic critical. You can put Spellsinger class as a full support, support damage and support healing role. These are up to you how to point your skills, below are common Support damage build, Support healing build, they are good for sieges and group world PVP.

LV50 Support Damage Build

Support Damage / Healing of ArcheAge Spellsinger Class Guide for PVP

LV50 Support Healing Build

Support Damage / Healing of ArcheAge Spellsinger Class Guide for PVP

Combos and Gameplay

Starting Strain - Overwhelm and Staring Strain - Critical Discord to fear the target by creating the Charm effect and consuming.
Overwhelm → Chain Lightning → Arc Lightning
Starting Strain → Chain Lightning → Critical Discord → Arc Lightning
Chain Lightning → Startling Strain → Arc Lightning → Critical Discord
[Perform] Bloody Chanty + Magic Circle, maximum damage output like the Chain Lighting → Arc Lightning.
If you want to go the Frostmage build, please point the Freezing Arrow and Frigid Tracks. Using Starting Strain (stun) → Frigid Tracks → Freezing Arrow.

(Stalker's Mark) → Shadow Step → Overwhelm → Shadowsmite → Freezing Earth → Drop Back → Flamebolt *1 → Startling Strain → Flamebolt → Bloody Chantey → Chain / Arc Lightning (Keep moving while throwing flamebolt to keep the distance)

Armor and Weapons

You can choose Plate Armor and Cloth Armor, the best is cloth, such as the Ayanad Lake Cloth / Plate Armor. Weapons choose two-hands and Dual Wielding, such as Staff, Nodachi, Scepter, Shield.

7 piece of cloth set bonus: -4% Cast Time, 50% reduction in cast time increase when hit while casting and chance of interruption, +5% Magic Damage, -30% Debuff uptime (reduces duration of things like Poison and Bleed)
7 piece of Plate set bonus: +3% Physical Defense, Max HP increased by 5%, -20% stun and shackle duration on yourself.
2H Weapon: increase melee / magic skill damage and heal amount +5%.
Dual Wielding: increase attack speed +10% when equipped with 1H weapons.


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