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Mutizens: Summer is a hard disapointment. I havn't thought that you so Little estemms the fans in the World. Korea in march, and the rest of the World falls down behind.... I advise you to do it fast. Otherwise many Players they was save for you , certanly myself. Give a Chance to another Game, and it can be one remains there. Then Mu Legend run without us.

Official: It is mainly because we have esteem for our fans that we will wait to be able to provide a game fully localized with few to no bugs. Releasing a game too early is not the best solution especially when too many bugs or lack of content/localization might have an important backlash. We are doing as fast as possible to deliver a game that will be remembered by the fans for years to come! :)

Mutizens: Why summer, we can't wait, korea just started like on beta 1-2 week later and us? abandoned like always let us play mu legends this month or at start of next we can't wait util summer.

Official: The Korean was always a bit earlier than the Global version as the game is developed in Korea, but now that they launched their version, we can work on the global version!

Mutizens: Maybe in the summer the game will be for us (Europe) too old to be interested :) Open Beta for everyone, or for anyone. For me, the fact that someone has been playing there for a few months before me, not because I just joined the game, but because he could and I do not - it's enough to not want to play and leave the game alone Koreans. Have fun!

Official: The fact that players in Korea played before you shouldn't have any impact on your game experience as they are on a Korean server and we will have Global servers for the rest of the world. It means that you won't see any players with higher levels, MU Legend zen or items than you when you will start.
MU Legend Global Beta  

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