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Top 4 Ways to Make Money in TERA

This guide for the top 4 ways to make gold in TERA. Join the ranks of the elite how to become one of the richest persons on your server by following these simple steps. Can't play the time? U4gm can help you there, is the best place to buy TERA gold.

Guild Quests

Your greatest asset as a new character will be other new players like you. Joining forces will make it so that weaknesses of all classes are covered by the strengths of another. If you are building a tank character, one that can stand up to the assaulting monster hordes while your partners blast them from a distance, then you are going to enjoy a lot of success when pairing with others who can do just that. There is strength in numbers, especially when they are joined together in a strategic way that will highlight their abilities as a group. Being able to accomplish more means greater rewards for your character, as you gather gold and other resources while gaining experience and leveling up with your group.

Kill Monsters &

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How to Earn Bless Online Gold Quickly?

It is very common in Bless Online world that gold is the main factor to make your game a lot easier. Bless uses the classic Copper/Silver/Gold currency system. You can use gold to buy the last part of your gear at AH and repairing your gear. Here are a couple of methods to get gold quickly:

Farming dungeons and selling the dropped gear at the AH for ~1G for each piece at level 33+. Probably the most easy and enjoyable of all three methods here, also great to get some money at the start, but it's probably the least effective method to get Gold fast.

Crafting a ton of armors and sell them at the AH. It's also really nice for end game where you'll make your own good gear (better than most dungeons' gear), but it gets long to farm the materials. You may (will) find yourself travelling the map a lot when searching for materials though.

Farming epic/legendary mounts and pets and sell them for 10-500 Gold for epics or ~2500 Gold for legendaries (very few players will buy Legendary mounts and...
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5 Best League Starter Builds for 3.1 War For The Atlas & Abyss League

Path of Exile is an outstanding RPG game with great character customization and competitive PvP. Recently, on 8th December 2017 Path of Exile launched its seventh major expansion called the War for the Atlas. Alongside the War of Atlas, Abyss league was also introduced. The Elder- a new main antagonist was introduced in Path of Exile. War for Atlas also introduced 32 new maps with completely different themes and bosses. With all the new upgrades, you need to have a good league starter build. A good league starter must be budget friendly, easy to level and must be able to take on most of the content that the game has to offer. Following are the five best league starter builds for 3.1 War for Atlas and Abyss League:

1. Bleed Slayer

It is a beginner friendly bleed build. It is very rare to find a functional, powerful, bleed-based build these days. The build is also easy to level which ensures you get a smooth start in the league. If you prefer that feeling of being intimidated or daunted, t...
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My First Experience on Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath

The Fall of Oriath, or Path of Exile 3.0, was out on August 4. As developer Grinding Gear Games(GGG) said before that the expansion would double the size of the previous version, Fall of Oriath is the biggest expansion to the game since it's launch. There are many improvements and changes in the latest version which bring wonderful experience to players.  Oriath includes six new acts, a new progression to the story and tons of skills and the new "Pantheon" system. These are probably the great changes for many players like me.

I guess there are still many gamers who haven't played The Fall of Oriath or who have palyed but don't know it well. Don't worry, i am here to give your some useful information to help you get adjusted to life in Wraeclast.

The acts are split into two different parts - Part I and II. Along with the changes to the acts and storyline progressio, there are a couple of gameplay changes that are rocking the world of PoE. They include the following:

The first ...
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