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Re-introducing flying is what made me quit wow again. It was really fun to find unique ways to make it around Draenor. Especially on my Warlock, who I specced Demonology solely for the metamorphosis jump. Now I don’t have to do things like Meta Jump > Goblin Glider to zoom across zones. It’s back to the braindead “Point A > Point B” that it’s been since Wrath.

There are tons of collectibles scattered throughout Draenor that are meant to be found from the ground. Sometimes it’s like a little puzzle on how to get up in that tree, or how to find your way to that little ledge on the mountain. Now, what’s the point? I can just fly up there and loot. Woo...

I probably would have been okay with just the quests as well being a requirement, but it really wasn’t that bad. True most of the treasures were things like garrison resources and outdated gear, though I did find several pets and toys so I guess that made it feel worth while for me.
The rep grinds in Tanaan are probably some of the easiest they have ever used in WoW. Simple sets of daily quests that you can finish in under an hour (often in close to 20 minutes once you get a system down). You can grind out the saberclaw, I did that by queuing in the LFG system, joining a raid as a tank and just chained pulled the entire area for an hour or so. I went from friendly to revered in that time. And if you’re too lazy for that rep, you can always purchase the legion things from the AH.


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