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  • *Share your pros on this job!*
  • Incredible mobbing, some of the fastest levelling in the game. This class should never feel weak when grinding.
  • Consistent damage across the board and high lines per second from respective skills in Sunfire and Eclipse
  • HP and MP efficient, especially for a mage
  • Unique gameplay mechanic in Equilibrium
  • Amazing link (10/15/20% PDR) and high inbuilt PDR (+40% extra on Ender, the bossing skill)
  • Deceptively powerful. A little bit of funding goes a long way.
  • Ender has guaranteed crit so Luminous is free to invest in other stats.
  • Immunity to darkness status effect.


  • *Share your cons on this job!*
  • Restricted to a very bursty play pattern. If 1 Equilibrium is not enough to kill, Luminous needs to wait a minute or more for the next Equilibrium.
  • Mobile bosses like Magnus and Ranmaru or bosses with damage reflect can waste Equilibrium and force you to waste 2 minutes.
  • Slow and immobile. Good knowledge of boss mechanics is required.
  • Unfunded grinding is very very slow if only using Reflection needs constant attention.
  • Heavily buff reliant (6 buffs + Equilibrium)
  • Only 1 party buff.


During his battle with the Black Mage, Luminous along with the other Heroes, managed to seal him away. But not before the Black Mage could impart some of his darkness on to Luminous. Luminous must now learn to control the awesomely terrifying power of the Black Mage before it threatens to consume his soul and plunge him into the world of darkness. Good thing Luminous will have some help on his journey! His trusted (and see-thru) helper, Vieren, and the first person he met after fighting the Black Mage, Laina. With the help of Vieren and Laina, will Luminous learn to wield the powers of both Light and Dark to defend Maple World before it is too late?


Light vs. Dark Attributes

  • The Global MapleStory version of Luminous is a bit different from the version of Luminous in the Korean version of MapleStory. In this version, the quests and skills have been modified to adjust maplestory gameplay flow. You won’t choose between light/dark in the beginning tutorial, and there will only be one story.
  • The story will be based on the Dark side, wherein Luminous is conflicted about the darkness within him. You will have access to light and dark skills, with the ability to switch between the two and activate buffs that will enhance one or the other attribute.
  • You will gain the light vs. dark gauge when you complete your 2nd job advancement, at which point you will also be able to switch between light and dark modes.

When switching between light and dark modes, you’ll briefly enter Equilibrium state.

  • Power Stance has a chance to be activated for a brief period, preventing you from getting knocked back.
  • Attacking monsters with light skills will recover 1% of your HP.
  • Dark skills will use 0 MP.
  • Both effects for light and dark will be applied for attack skills that have an equilibrium attribute.

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