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MapleStory Luminous Skill Build Guide



    *Share your pros on this job!* Incredible mobbing, some of the fastest levelling in the game. This class should never feel weak when grinding. Consistent damage across the board and high lines per second from respective skills in Sunfire and Eclipse HP and MP efficient, especially for a mage Unique gameplay mechanic in Equilibrium Amazing link (10/15/20% PDR) and high inbuilt PDR (+40% extra on Ender, the bossing skill) Deceptively powerful. A little bit of funding goes a long way. Ender has guaranteed crit so Luminous is free to invest in other stats. Immunity to darkness status effect.


    *Share your cons on this job!* Restricted to a very bursty play pattern. If 1 Equilibrium is not enough to kill, Luminous needs to wait a minute or more for the next Equilibrium. Mobile bosses like Magnus and Ranmaru or bosses with damage reflect can waste Equilibrium and force you to waste 2 minutes. Slow and immobile. Good knowledge of bos
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MapleStory Phantom Skill Build Guide


Phantom was famous among wealthy merchant and nobleman. People call him Phantom because they do not know who he was as he left the stolen place without anyone noticing him but only traces he deliberately placed there. When Phantom attempted to steal Ereve’s great treasure, the Skaia, he had fallen in love with Aria, the Empress of Ereve before Cygnus. Instead of stealing from her, he asked for it. Aria found it amusing but declined his request. The two developed a burgeoning friendship that became more romantic by the day.

Before their romance deepen, Aria was killed by Black Mage envoy commanded by General Orchid. Shinsoo (a white giant bird who accompanies Aria) gave Skaia to Phantom so he can protect it. Phantom looked for Feud for an invitation to join Heroes to fight against Black Mage and to seek revenge for his beloved Aria. After a fierce battle, he and 4 other heroes were trapped in ice and put into a deep sleep by Black Mage. Freud was unlucky as

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MapleStory Hayato Skill Build Guide


Hayato, Japan. June 21, 1582. Honnou-ji, Kyoto. Although the brutal warlord Oda Nobunaga was cementing his control of Japan, it wasn’t enough to slake his thirst for power. Seeking immortality and to become a new demon king, he prepared a ritual at Honnou-ji in Kyoto. The feudal lords banded together and waged a fierce battle with the Oda forces in a desperate last bid to stop the evil lord. While the armies clashed outside, the legendary samurai, Hayato, fought his way into the temple and challenged Oda himself to stop the ritual. While the two traded blows, a pillar of light erupted from the temple, casting all it enveloped into a stranged world. Weakened by the unfamiliar energy of this world, Hayato must regain his strength and battle once more against the spread of Nobunaga’s dark ambitions.


    Female Hayato characters will have new face and hair options when created. The default male Hayato hair has been updated. Male Hayato charact

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The core innovation that Blade & Soul brings to the MMO genre is its timing-based combat system

Chances are you haven't heard of Blade & Soul, despite it being an MMO by NCSoft that was released more than three years ago in June 2012. Since then, it's expanded its reach to China, Japan, and Taiwan and is currently in the midst of technical alphas and betas, which have gone surprisingly well enough to have the developers refine its initial Q1 2016 release date to now January 19, 2016. To the small but vocal community in the States who have been waiting for Blade & Soul to arrive, that announcement alone is, well, a blessing.

The core innovation that Blade & Soul brings to the MMO genre is its timing-based combat system. While other MMOs in the NCSoft family like WildStar and Guild Wars 2 have active skill-based combat as well, Blade & Soul's system takes a healthy amount of influences from the fighting genre, introducing juggles, knockdowns, dazes, and other crowd-control abilities that require precise execution to pull off...
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Blade & Soul MMO hits over 1 million players in the west

Blade & Soul MMO hits over 1 million players in the west

Releasing merely weeks ago to the western markets; Blade & Soul, the Korean/Chinese infused MMO based on martial arts had hit a resounding amount of success for its beautiful artstyle, engaging combat and deep storyline. It’s no surprise that in the western demographic alone, Blade & Soul has seen over 1 million players playing the game. While other MMO titles have hit this number and more, it’s definitely good to see that there is continued love for something fresh and new in the MMO market.

NCSoft has mentioned, following this announcement, that support for Blade & Soul will not stop in order to keep it fresh and entertaining for years to come. Soogyee Yoon, the CEO of NCSoft went on to say:

At NCSoft, we are committed to providing our players an extraordinary experience across all of our games. It is thrilling that so many people are excited about the arrival of Blade & Soul in the west, and we will

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Blade & Soul Is Getting New Endgame Content On February 10th


NCSoft West has announced that Blade & Soul will be getting the “Rising Waters” update on February 10th.

It includes three new max-level PvE areas. The first of those is Bloodshade Harbor, a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon that challenges you go up against Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss Admiral Hae Mujin.

The second new area is actually the same place, Nightshade Harbor, but is a 24-player version. Oh, and it’s a lot darker given that night has fallen.

The third new area is Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1-7. It’s a single player Heroic dungeon that offers increasingly greater challenges in exchange better rewards. New floors will be added in future updates.


But that’s not all out of the “Rising Waters” update. It’ll also unlock five Hongmoon

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blade and soul kongfu art

All of this would paint Blade and Soul as another 'been there done that' Korean MMORPG if it weren't for one thing: the excellent player-versus-player combat that feels more like playing a fighting game than an MMO. It's already a popular esport in the East, and I suspect it'll only continue to grow as western competitors join the ranks.

At any time, you can hop into an arena lobby and get matched against another player. In these duels the stats of your gear are equalized, making victory entirely about raw skill rather than who has the better equipment.

But there's a big problem with the Blade and Soul PvP: It can't truly be appreciated until you've already pushed through the dreadfully dull PvE and leveled your character up to the cap. While arena matches equalize gear, you won't have access to all of your abilities until you've unlocked them through leveling. Even worse, from what I could tell, little attempt is made to pair you with opponents of similar levels

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Gathering and crafting are underdeveloped in blade and soul

There's a huge variety of costumes to find and collect. They’re very tasteful.

Dungeons are typically a welcome distraction from the bread and butter questing in other MMOs, but I found many to be unimaginative and short—most are barely dungeons in the traditional sense. Instead, they’re five minute romps through one indistinguishable cave or another with an anticlimactic boss waiting at the end. Instead of demanding teamwork or mastery of your class, even the bigger, more elaborate dungeons feel like a breeze. I never struggled to beat them as an incomplete party well beneath the recommended level.

Gathering and crafting are underdeveloped in blade and soul, too, requiring nothing more than time and money. You can join two crafting and two gathering guilds, but the process of acquiring resources feels is just a money sink, not a rewarding investment. You simp

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blade and soul Kicking everything but tradition

Kicking everything but tradition

Your quest to avenge your friends and master after they’re murdered by the mysterious Jinsoyun has the weight of a Saturday morning cartoon. It's good fun, but not exactly gripping stuff. And though there are charming moments, they’re stretched over the blade and soul PvE campaign and getting to them felt like sitting at the dinner table while my mother threatened to withhold dessert until I finished my vegetables.

It’s a ceaseless barrage of 'go here and kill X of Y' quests mixed with a few variants that always fail to mix things up. Escaping from these quests is nearly impossible as they're the only way to level up at a reasonable pace. Dungeons and PvP might suffice for more patient players, but the paltry experience points earned in either means it would take much longer to reach the same destination.

There's also an annoying lack of quality-of-life features. blade and soul Monsters or objects that you need for quests are ava

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Re-introducing flying is what made me quit wow again

Re-introducing flying is what made me quit wow again. It was really fun to find unique ways to make it around Draenor. Especially on my Warlock, who I specced Demonology solely for the metamorphosis jump. Now I don’t have to do things like Meta Jump > Goblin Glider to zoom across zones. It’s back to the braindead “Point A > Point B” that it’s been since Wrath.

There are tons of collectibles scattered throughout Draenor that are meant to be found from the ground. Sometimes it’s like a little puzzle on how to get up in that tree, or how to find your way to that little ledge on the mountain. Now, what’s the point? I can just fly up there and loot. Woo...

I probably would have been okay with just the quests as well being a requirement, but it really wasn’t that bad. True most of the treasures were things like garrison resources and outdated gear, though I did find several pets and toys so I guess that made it feel worth while for me.
The rep grinds in Tanaan are probably some of th

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