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Level 1-45 Weapon Upgrade Materials in Blade & Soul

The system’s biggest feature is that you don’t have to frequently change weapons when your character levels up. You only need to do constantly feed your Hongmoon weapon so that the weapon will upgrade and become better and better. Something special about the weapon system of Blade & Soul Gold is that the disassembled Hongmoon weapon is not allowed to be sold, traded or damaged.

The weapon can be strengthened through level 1-5 using other weapon as offerings. When your weapon reaches level 5, you can use a specific item to breakthrough a more powerful weapon.

1. Hongmoon Weapon

You can get the weapon as soon as you complete the main quest. (Kill the monsters in the Dragon Forest map and get drops including Dragon Forest weapon, Dragon Forest necklace, Dragon Forest rings and Dragon Forest earrings.)

Breakthrough Requirement: Thousand Souls weapon LV.6 (available by the Thousand Souls spinning wheel at the Burning Corpses Hill in Dragon Forest)

Upgrade Requirement: De

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Blade and Soul PvE & PvP Combo Tutorials

Even if you have experienced it before, you should be able to find a tip to implement into your dungeon routine or PvP combo. Welcome to Dpsvip enjoy the Blademaster guide for Blade & Soul gold, this aim of this guide is for the player who want to reach a level of understanding beyond what one would call basic knowledge.

This class has a wide variety of attack and defense skills, making them a powerful force in the game. Generally, they rely on high attack speed to create high DPS. Blade Master is a well-rounded class that is easy to use but difficult to master, if you love to play DPS in the team, Blademaster would be your good choice at the beginner.
Avaliable Races: Yun Jin

*Powerful Defense skills, such as Block and Evade
*Can be A Tank with Aggro Traits
*High DPS, Damage output can be very bursty (great for fighting bosses that have little downtime and for PvP)
* Can protect party members from ranged attacks

*No party buffs

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FIFA 16 News: Alex Morgan Has Scored 1 Million Goals

Women's national teams have also been included in the latest installation of the FIFA video game franchise. Fut16coin thinks that they're also one of the most popular teams in FIFA 16. Women's soccer has certainly come a long way. Not only are more people watching women's soccer. As evidenced by the 26.7 million viewers who watched the US take on Japan for the title. 

Admittedly, eyebrows were raised when EA first revealed that the women's national teams from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the US will be included in FIFA 16, And according to statistics urfifa.com site shows that most fifa 16 gamers have expressed what they pleased in the women's football player who put *****. 

There was also a lot of buzz over Alex Morgan, a forward for the US Women's National Team, being featured on the cover alongside Lionel Messi, the Barcelona legend. It was the first time in the game's history that a woman shar...
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FIFA 16’s Second Patch of Disponibile

Di seguito vi sveliamo l’elenco dei fix. EA tramite un comunicato ci informa che è disponibile la seconda patch correttiva di FIFA 16 per le piattaforme ***** PS3ed Xbox 360.

This update includes general stability improvements and addresses the following items identified by the community and the FIFA Team:
1. Fixed an issue that could temporarily remove players from the friends list on Co-op Seasons.
2.Fixed an issue where a player could forfeit in FIFA Online Seasons without receiving a loss under some circumstances.
3. Fixed an issue that would cause a match to continue after receiving five red cards.
This update includes the following items in FIFA Ultimate Team:
4. Fixed an issue where Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.
5.Fixed an issue that caused a shared concept squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.
6. Fixed an issue that could prevent players from naming their club.
7.Fixed an issue in settings where t

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Top 5 Value Packs Opener Win Free ***** Everyday on Black Friday

What kind of promotional packs we can expect in this weekend? In FIFA 15 last year, there are Mega 35k packs in store all day, and the "Lighting round" packs throughout the day on Friday. That's really a crazy Black Friday! Well, no matter what kind of promotional ***** packs will release in weekend, we would like to invite you come to use Packs Opening Simulator.

Thanksgiving is nearly here, following suit from the previous years, EA will release lots of Happy Hours in the upcoming FIFA 16 Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday.

To meet the requirement of most clients, we have launch the Black Friday Packs Simulator for you enjoy the exciting moment of opening Black Friday Packs, such as Premium Gold Players Pack, 25K Rare Gold Pack, 100k (or 2,000 FIFA Points) Jumbo Rare Players Pack. Well, Packs are in beta, and these packs are not real, but you can get free ***** through opening packs.

Wish you have so much fun in Pack Simulator! Packs are in beta, if you have encounte

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In FIFA 16 Meet the most underrated players

There are only a few players in Ultimate Team that can legitimately change your whole team. The chances of saving up over one million fifa ultimate team coins to buy yourself a superstar are slim, and the chances of finding them in a pack are even slimmer. But what if you want to be an Ultimate Team god without Messi or Ronaldo? Well, you can still do that, and we can tell you how.

Goalkeeper: Vincent Enyeama
Enyeama has been an Ultimate Team favourite for a few years now, and he's arguably been the best keeper in Ligue 1 since Hugo Lloris left Lyon for the green pastures of north London. At 5’11” [1.80m] he’s a little bit short to command the box with any real superiority, but your centre backs should have no problem dealing with balls into the box. Enyeama’s strength is as a shot-stopper: he’s not just good for his low price, he’s one of the best in the game. With reflexes rated at 91, only an in-form David de Gea has better shot-stopping stats than Enyeama, and when you ca

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Tips on Buying Cheap WoW Power leveling Safely

Is buying WoW Power leveling safe? Can you get banned? Where can you find the cheap wow power leveling? This how-to guide will give you step by step instructions on how to buy wow power leveling safely for the least expensive price.

Figure out how much power leveling you want to buy. Remember companies offer discounts the more you buy so think long-term. At the same time if this is your first WoW Power leveling purchase we recommend that you choose a small amount just to get the feel of things and feel comfortable with the vendor you end up choosing.

Find the vendor you want from online.Go the website like Powerlevelingmall.com . Select the power leveling you want, create a new account, and click the purchase button. If it's a large amount of power leveling they will call your phone to veri...
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ArcheAge Moviewatch: ArcheAge Survival Guide Series

Refer to:http://www.powerlevelingmall.com/news/game-ArcheAge-33/ArcheAge-Moviewatch-ArcheAge-Survival-Guide-Series-13454

Welcome to the ArcheAge Survival guide! In this series I'll take you all the way from level 1 to endgame and guide you through the various features in this open world sandbox game. This series will be a mixture of gameplay walkthroughs and organic tips combined with special episodes focusing on major gameplay mechanics. So you can either watch the series start to finish or cherry pick the episodes you find interesting!

The ArcheAge Survival Guide #1 - Start Here! - Races, Factions, Classes, UI & Settings!

In this first episode I start off with the very basics: picking your race, racial abilities, faction considerations, character creation, UI setup, settings and basic controls. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

The ArcheAge Survival Guide #2 - Beginner's Questing & PvE Combat - Level 1 to 5

In episode 2 of the ArcheAge Survival Guide I take you guys th

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We have been striving to offer the best WoW Power leveling service

PowerlevelingMall has been dealing in MMORPG Game Market for more than 9 years, professional MMO Game Power leveling Company. Our service includes game Manual power leveling, WildStar, ArcheAge, FFXIV, ESO, EQN, WoW Power leveling etc.  We have many years experience of Power leveling, so we can level up your character very fast. PowerlevelingMall have more than 200 employees and 1000+ computers serving for over than 100 million customers all over the world. We can usually make the start within 15 minutes after your order is confirmed. PowerlevelingMall always treat each customer as the most important one, we have been striving to offer the best service.
We are looking forward to communicate with you closer,so you can pay attention to our PowerlevelingMall related social media:
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Excellent WoW Power leveling service

WoW power leveling is hottest in World of Warcraft is the first part MMOG so far in the Warcraft series. Like most MMOs, players may encountered many adventures in fighting diverse monsters and enemies and in performing missions offered by numerous NPCs throughout Azeroth in our WoW power leveling.

15 Minutes Start
You will receive a notification message automatically within 15 minutes once your payment is successfully submitted for power leveling. And then your order will be processed instantly.
24/7 Customer Care
If you need any help in power leveling and game gold, please contact with our helpful live support operators at any time. They are available 24hours/7days, standing by to assist you!
Daily Order Report
You can check your order status by entering our link ORDER PROGRESS. Your order status and the rank of your character is displayed and updated constantly (per 12 hours).
Security Guarantees
We have no bad record in service purchasing since 2004 started, and we have rigorous security t...
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