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WildStar is an online massive multiplayer game free for anyone with Internet access. With WildStar you have the chance to create a character and explore the virtual realm with other gamers across the world in various countries. Make friends, fend off monsters and earn money (wildstar gold) all while exploring the online virtual world directly from your browser. 

1.Kill monsters to earn WildStar gold using your virtual character and weapons. The higher ranking the monster is, the more gold you will earn. Have your character practice learning weapon and defense skills to take on bigger monsters for higher earnings.

2.Ask other players for gold -- although this may be considered begging, some gamers may help you or donate to your cause.

3.Buy and sell items, becoming a merchant in the game. Find items while exploring the land and loot animals and other chests for virtual goods to sell to other players or shops in the realm.

4.Purchase gold quickly from a well-known website that features the ability to add wildstar gold to your account for money, such as WildStarMall.com, With Games or Buy WildStar. Buy gold for "WildStar" only from websites that you trust and that are secure, using encryption upon checkout.
wildstar gold  

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