DoA Online (China) First Impressions

By: CalebG posted at Nov 20, 2008 7:56 pm

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Prior to trying out the game myself, I didn't have a very good impression on DoA Online with the very limited screen shots I have seen. But I decided to give it ago, and here are my short first impressions.

First off, I am a "casual" DoA fan that has all the games, but never found enough time to devote to any of them, other then an occational brawl with friends.

The things I wanted to see in the game was:

- How true to the IP (Intellectual Property, the art, canon, etc.) are they going to get?

- How are those cute characters seen in various screenshots integrated into the game?

- How is the actual fighting going to play out, especially over the network?


The Game


Well color me surprised! I am amazed at the netcode they are using, because, even when playing from way down south of China in Singapore, the game works out pretty smoothly at 100-200 ping! It's as smooth as the real game, and I am really impressed.

The Engine

They have taken the Dead or Alive Extreme mechanics. Dead or Alive Extreme is the remake of Dead or Alive 2 with an updated engine (Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball). So, all moves, mechanics and I assume characters of that version of DoA will be in DoA Online.

Graphics are pretty much on par with that version of DoA as well, only with lower quality backgrounds and arenas. However, it still looks good.

I will not go into much detail, but if you are new to the DoA franchise, DoA caters to both the hardcore players and the more casual players, so do not be afraid of giving it a spin if you have not played fighting games before, however, you will have a hard time progressing at the later stages due to some of the players being really good at the game.


Now this is one lacking point in DoA Online. You are only give a choice of 6 (if I recall correctly) characters to start out with and use. I assume they will be adding more characters at a later stage, or possibly, at a higher rank, but I have to get there to see.


The Lobby

I guess the developers realized that they didn't need to move too far from the original game, and made the game pretty much like the lobby system of Dead or Alive 4 on the Xbox 360. Of course, they have added a quest system, a more in-depth ranking system and the like. This is where you see all the cute characters running around. It is pretty much a basic lobby system found in most games realized in the word of DoA. 

The Money!

MT (Micro Transections) is everywhere, allowing you to open chests, have a wider selection of character costumes, more emote variations, the basic increased xp and the like, and so on.

A unique feature is the ability to purchase a "revenge" match. Lost to someone? Just hit a button at the end of the match to null the previous results and instantly fight against the same opponent.


The Summery

So, this game is a game to await if you are a fighting game fan, however, more casual gamers might find it hard to progress in the later stages. The developer has done an excellent job porting the game over to the PC platform, so kudos to them for doing that.

For those who do not understand a word of Chinese, keep your fingers crossed for a publisher to pick it up even with the knowledge that it caters to a niche crowd.

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