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Firefall Beta Key Giveaway Game

Greetings and Salutations,

After a long vacation in Tibet I have returned and am ready to begin giving out more wonderful Firefall beta keys!

The game for this event will be fun and exciting. All you need to do is make a simple greeting thread introducing your self and why you would like to have permanent access to Firefall.

The game is then to like and comment on others threads with positive feedback. The top 5 posters whom are polite and actively engaging in real conversations consisting of intelligent content over 25 words will win keys.

I reserve the right to delete any negativity during this game and giveaway so please keep things silly, fun and about Firefall. Game ends in 72 hours from this post. Above all have fun and let the games begin!

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FireFall Major Update Live Stream

I will be streaming FireFalls major update all week. If you would like to see the new frames in action or just want to see how FireFall plays stop on by and check us out: http://www.twitch.tv/illian2amerond

Catch ya on the Flippside


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May's Firefall Beta Key Give Away!

Yes fans my ever brilliant plans to continue to give away keys for FireFall has finally come again this month. We have 2 keys to give away here on this blog and 4 keys for new members who join our community at www.BTA.enjin.com and become Black Talons!

Ok so lets do another creative give away, and this contest will be Awesome Quotes from Historic People from Any Nation of the World. The rules are simple, pick your favorite quote, cite it properly and post it here for your entry. This Sunday May 6th @ 10PM PST (-8GMT) I will start selecting the winners.

How you win: Winners will be selected by myself and my wife. We will look for quotes that are witty, wise and inspirational. Ones that we feel are in this category will be marked with a post "Great One!" and then the winners will be ran

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Salem Beta Live Feed

Just running some Salem Beta this weekend, come on down and check us out :3




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