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Cheap FIFA 15 for Sale

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team has the mode where players can buy cards representing players and assemble your own team. You can even customize the teams with uniforms and stadiums. Learn to change the numbering and beaters fault your team.

Step 1: Have logged in Ultimate Team, go to the "Castings" tab and select your team (Eenco Assets).
Step 2: On the screen with your training, press Y / Triangle to open the "Actions Casting" menu.
Step 3: Select "Functions of Players" to change collectors fouls, corner kicks and penalties the team.
Step 4: Now select those responsible for the charges of each of the options.
Step 5: Back in stock, select "Uniform Numbers" menu.
Step 6: Now change the shirt number of the player you want. Note that if you choose a number already used by another at; eta, the second will receive another numbering automatically.

Want to get FIFA Ultimate Team - Team of the Year? First get some cheap fifa 15 coins and then buy your Team of the Year.
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