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Ragnarok Online 2
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Ragnarok Online
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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter
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  • Elsword
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  • Seven Souls Online
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RO2 Fan Art Contest

Source: Reference (x) Fan Art made by CM Hime of RO2 PH FB Page

Back to the Drawing Board is a Community Run event (which means community members are running the event - pretty neat) dedicated to Priests and here's some of the entries:

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Ragnarok Online 2 : Server Monitoring Tool

Here's a neat link for RO2 Players and this tool is created by Created by weihung (Member of <Pavilion>)

Tool Preview:

Description: Basically you will see the status of the server if it's down / maintenance or doing just fine!

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Starter Package for RO2 (Update)

The new starter package for RO2 have the new 'honing items' as a freebie for lvl 40! New items will be added once they update the compilation. So here's the Starter Package in level order as referenced from RO2 PH FB Page.

[Lv 1]

[Lv 5]

[Lv 10]

[Lv 15]

[Lv 25]

[Lv 35]

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Ragnarok Online 2 Alternative Download - Direct & Torrent

Credits to AragakiAyase ~ <3

This blog entry contains the Alternative Client Download for RO2 - Odin Server (WarpPortal)

Download at your own risk

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