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How i feeled about Dinvintus so far?

        I has played Dinvintus for 4 days, and i am level 18 now! i just want to share my feeling about the game!       First, the game impress me with its hight quarlity graphic! yes, i was attractived deeply by the beautiful screen. The game have a very nice story, beautiful NPCs, the barking little dogs, the background souds, ETC..., all these things make me feel that i am living in a real world, don't you think so? However,its reality is not just perform at the background part, it is also good at the action part. it has Very nice & fluent movements;we can also pick anything in the game to throw to the enemies; the boss's reaction; this game has a big improvement compare to the games that i played! this game is awesome, but it is not perfect enough!      the first day i played, team up with others to explore the dungeons! it is fun!! 4 hours later, it becomes boring,and then, i
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