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In State of the Kingdom Episode 7, our final episode, dish on our first impressions of the new Aura Kingdom Ranger class, the new content that dropped on March 11th, and more questions have been answered this week than any other question round in this entire series.

Side Note: Though it's the final episode of State of the Kingdom, there are already plans for more Aura Kingdom YouTube content from XaenexTV.

Ask Your Questions Here: http://bit.ly/NdHbah

2:30  - The Reason Why The Fire Demon Costume Was So Underwhelming
10:12 - The Current State Of The Economy & Our Thoughts On Gold Sinks
22:13 - Our Thoughts On The Ranger Class
28:40  - Is The Ranger Class A Good Botting Class?

(Q&A) Lightning Round!
42:36 Lightning Round Begins!

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--Series Credits--
Host: Xaenex
Host: GM Obspho

Executive Producer: SaitoSempai

Executive Producer: Kame-Kun

Featured Artist: PASSiO

Music Credits:
Opening Song: Your Love by PASSiO (http://bit.ly/1eTlQL6)
Lightning Round: Just Drive by Zanski (https://soundcloud.com/zanski)

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