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tastes very Thanksgiving-y to me

As we get closer to the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about easy cocktails that will serve a crowd. After cooking all day, the last thing we want to do with a house of people, is shake up cocktails for guests. With that in mind, I created this cranberry orange sparkler. It only takes a few ingredients, it’s made directly in the glass and it tastes great. Can’t beat that for a holiday cocktail!

The only prep work you’ll need to do for this cranberry orange sparkler is make the syrup ahead of time. It’s a cranberry orange tea infused simple syrup, and kept in the refrigerator will last at least a week. I used loose leaf herbal cranberry orange tea from Davidson’s Tea since I have a large bag of it. It smells and tastes very Thanksgiving-y to me.

I did add gin to this cranberr
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I pretty much love that thing

I have been taking way too many pictures recently. It always seems like a good idea at the time. Better safe than sorry, you know, but then I end up having way too many to choose from and having the hardest time deciciding. It’s a problem hong kong tour.

Triple Chocolate Sour Cream Scones It’s just that I am loving finally getting to spend quality time with my new camera. I am not a natural photographer you guys. It has taken me a long time to get this far and I obviously need a lot longer but I at least feel like I am getting a little better at it….maybe.

Triple Chocolate Sour Cream Scones1 Today I am posting one of my favorite new recipes. You seriously have to try it unless you are a scone hater. I mean, is it just me or are scones notorious for being dry and bland? The people who thi
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I love the dark amber color

Happy Memorial weekend, everybody!  I wanted to take a minute and thank all of the men and women out there that have and are currently serving our country.  It wouldn’t be what is today without them, so I can’t thank them enough for their service. :)

Besides remembering those that serve our country, I know Memorial Day is mostly about picnics and barbecues.   While I have been grilling this weekend, this post has nothing to do with that.  It has everything to do with thick, chewy macaroon cookies dipped in chocolate and filled with a gooey, salted caramel sauce, however, and that makes it completely ok, doesn’t it? ;)

I’ve told you before that I don’t bake cookies a whole lot unless there’s an occasion for it, and last week there was.  Some time back I’d tol
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I like to grill all chicken breasts at

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to a new week!

This weekend the boys and I traveled north to St. Paul, MN to attend Ben’s cousin’s wedding on Friday. His parents, brothers, aunts, and uncles all came into town early and per usual it was great catching up. The weather was perfect too. FINALLY no rain, plus a nice cool breeze. Perfect wedding weather!

The ceremony was inside a chapel at Northwestern College and at nearly 100 years old, it was just breathtaking lit up with flickering candles. I’m glad I got the chance to chat with family members before the ceremony because the L-man made it about 10 minutes into the reception before needing to go to bed (hence no cake-cutting pictures!)

He’s not at the age/type of baby that can just fall asleep on your shoulder, but luckily it was inside the
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