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List of Dress Up Games


List of Dress Up Games

Getting dressed for an event can be as much fun as going to the event for some people. Playing dress up is a way for people to reenact this on a regular basis. But it can be time consuming and limiting if you don’t have enough pieces of clothing and accessories to play creatively. A solution to this problem is virtual dress-up games. Many themes are available to choose from.

Wedding Dress Up Games

Wedding Dress up Games  may not sound like a category open to a lot of creativity, but on the Dressup24h site it is. Games include Royal Bride Dress Up, which is filled with sophisticated white, neutral and pink designs made of satin and lace. The game also includes a stunning collection of tiaras and jewels. The game Valentine Bride Dress Up features pastel

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Mardi Gras Dress Up Games for Girls


Mardi Gras

Playing Dress up Games can be sparked by just about any topic or subject. One of the more elaborate celebrations held in the United States, and a source of great dress up ideas, is Mardi Gras. Typically hosted in the city of New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the celebration of Fat Tuesday which falls before Lent and gives those celebrating a chance to dress and act crazy.

Mask Parade

One of the most recognizable parts of a Mardi Gras outfit is the mask. The masks worn during a Mardi Gras celebration range from simple and monochromatic to lavish and ultra adorned. If you have a collection of Mardi Gras masks, or if you have the time and materials handy to make masks of your own, a dress up game using just masks can be fun and entertaining. Have the kids playing dress up try on

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