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well the title is not very accurate since technically all games are community based. even MMORPGs that we see now ....however crappy it is.....has a community around it. dedicated fans of a game sticking what what they have worked for and hoping they can achieve more. after playing enough of MMORPGs, i find myself wondering about what started the whole thing, what was the first spark which made these games we have now exist.


As most of you may know, long before computer games, the father of all mordern computer and video games, the table top RPD, D&D was already in existence, and if you don't know what D&D is, you better brush up on your gaming history if you consider yourself a respectable gamer. It was awkward to play it around people since....it was basically a boys version of playing house, except that instead of reenacting daily events, the players were heroes in a vast world where anything could happen.

Like i said, D&D is role playing, and very much like playing house. Because of this awkward nature of the game, the people who played this game were alienated from the rest. There was also some religious conflict, the game had black magic and demons in its inventory of story devices. Demons and magic were believed to be satanic, as such D&D was thought to be the creation of the devil to brainwash people

Of course now we know that there is nothing satanic about D&D, in fact the players were very much anti-satanic since it was demons they were destroying. The in thing at the time was fantasy, as such most of the adventures which were conjured up during the playing of the game would centre around that theme. I cant say i blame them, although i find the theme fantasy overused, it is what is it, a trend. right now my guess is tha the new trend is sub apocalypse with games like Fallout3 and borderlands rising

As awkward as D&D is to play, it was famous and inspired many to be mordern day game designers, D&D's D20 system is right now the very heart of any MMORPG'S character stat system. And as you all know, with any successful game, there will be copies.

ill conclude my little finding about MMORPGs past, if you heard it before, sorry to have wasted your time,but i do think that the new generation of gamers need to know the roots of whatever they are playing now


Moving on to my other topic, not mentioned in the title.when i mentioned community, i found myself looking back to when i was younger and had the time and parents money to spend on Trading Card Games. i would spend hundreds and possibly thousands on these games. whatever it was for, collection, the game, friends, it was addictive

i do hope many of you have had the same joy, hopefully not the same pain, from playing TCGs. Now that i am somewhat bored of MMORPGs, i am taking my time to make my own TCGs. i would love the community's help in helping my do a survey which will impact my research, and design of my current game idea.


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