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Hero Of The Obelisk, is a crazy fun dungeon crawler, and currently in closed beta. Lucky for me, I had the chance to play this awesome game! So far, I've completed around twenty or more dungeons, out of the possible fifty plus, available at the moment (So much fun!). The game offers three starting classes, a simple crafting experience and beautiful dungeons!

The character creation is nothing special, giving you a choice of hairstyles, face options, gender, class and hair/skin colors

Dungeon runs are extremely fun and of course, the best part of the game! Most of the dungeons are easy enough to solo, as long as you carry several potions and choose the normal difficulty. The dungeons have two difficulty options normal and hardcore, hardcore having better loot drops. Bosses vary in difficulty, some stupidly easy and others difficult. After defeating the dungeon boss you're given a reward, which gives you the option to reserve it, in order to obtain an even better reward on your next run.

The only bad thing about Hero Of The Obelisk is the fatigue system. Basically, running dungeons will lower your fatigue and once at zero, you can no longer Dungeon run. Fatigue is replenished once per real day or by hunting endlessly in areas known as open zones. The only plus about entering open zones, is the spawns there, have better drops than the ones you encounter in dungeons. Really hoping they remove the fatigue system in open beta!


  • Smooth game play
  • Cute anime-style graphics


  • Fatigue System

Make sure to check this game out once it's in Open Beta! Despite the fatigue system, this is a seriously fun game!

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