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■ new products appeared in XAOC mall! 

Bags of new limited time sale, to XAOC mall " jokes CUBE " has appeared!

CUBE jokes , "the avatar costume to enjoy the joke a little bit different 
Ninja interesting one is to come by lot from among the variety of items, including the "series four.

(Image "avatar costume interesting Ninja is an example of a "series)

joke CUBE "for more information <here>

 ■ SALE start of spring!

To put the patronage of everyday, I will execute the sale of some XAOC item mall! ! 
Because we are able to purchase in the price range that easy to have you demand it, please use all means at this opportunity!

■ for sale XAOC Mall Item List

■ To increase the amount of bonus points up! 

And we have been implemented since 3/26 regular maintenance after "W-up event" for, and respond to the voice of the favorable reception, "BP (bonus points)" on bonus up campaign-money get two fold increase We will carry out. [Campaign] to scheduled maintenance beginning April 8, 2014 regular maintenance later - April 1, 2014 [bonus up campaign content] during the campaign, and to shop by using the "Sol" in XAOC mall originally "10 Wow, bonus points that can be one point "acquired in Sol consumption will be two points "" 10 Sol consumption of 2 times! In other words, if consumption 1000 Sol, you'll earn the "200BP"! Please note: we have conducted since 3/26 regular maintenance after, "W-up event" in [1.2 times the bonus point][double bonus points] shall be changed to you will.Experience [1.2 times] Please note that the effect of is not changed. In addition, due to the above-mentioned bonus up campaign, the bonus Mall Limited The following items will be sold.



bonus up campaign limited time item]

■ ID: "Kazakoshi Gate five No. harbor " to implement a dedicated exchange items in! 
Than routine maintenance April 1, ID: "Kazakoshi Gate five No. harbor at " 
We specifications changed to drop a dedicated exchange items. You can get the new equipment such as activated by collecting items of this place. [Introduction of exchange NPC] Kazakoshi Gate two items Port: and place the name of the target-NPC: Noodles Kichi-men [ exchange introduction of items such as] debris of Pirate mark (small)  ID: "Kazakoshi Gate five No. harbor" of to enter the hand drop. · Debris of pirate mark (large) → " I can be kneaded into debris of pirate mark (small) 100 "in.  ID: "Kazakoshi Gate five No. harbor" to enter the hand of the drop. · heritage of pirate king → " pieces of pirate mark (large) replaceable 100 "in. · treasure box of sealed "from → Replace NPC pirate mark of debris (large) exchange possible five "in.  ID: "Kazakoshi Gate five No. harbor" to enter the hand of the drop. · Charms of pirate "1 ball from → Replace NPC can be exchanged. " - The treasure chest of brilliantand opened → "heritage of the Pirate King" You get a low probability. ※ You can earn by making a NERICA the "charms of pirate" and "treasure box of sealed" and "treasure chest of brilliant". "Glory of the Pirate King" You get the "mark of the Pirate King" from the new equipment "heritage of the Pirate King."※ "mark of the Pirate King" new equipment will be installed in the new equipment slot. ■ Specifications change, bug fixes to instances rankings Added "nest of Garuda" and "Battle of sacred mountains," "black Feng Port - - YabuAkira" world boss high level further part in the World boss and existing You have added was established as "Inuokami埼" also "Masayukimiya" and "Nami濾of live pot" · NPC has been the modification of the text, such as untranslated text-flash furnace. I look forward to "XAOC" in the future.


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