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You well know in the mmorpg market there are times the decision to cut service arrives. The decisions are diverse, but this is not an article on WHY the titles are cut, but a look at the titles that stay…and sometimes stay DESPITE having some of the same reasons others are cut.

The question also lingers: Would a publisher staying active to his title over the years make you want to join in the game community?

I noticed this week, on Mmosite and a few other sites, that some old titles are getting a little love by the publishers…and these are titles I could have sworn were cut. For example.

Aika Online has announced several events in June 2013. Now, forgive me if I missed any other updates to this game since it’s peak days, but I had forgoten this title even was active still. I remember playing around Open Beta. I stopped, to test other other games as this did not take to me very well (future Review material). However, I did read of other games getting the Gpotato axe (cut off), such as 7 Core and Prius, etc… So to see this article was a bit of a wake up call. I then realized it DID get the potato axe, and is now under t3fun.com…Hanbisoft…
Wow, some of the last “tastes” this game left in players mouth was “cheap grind with P2W elements”. Others said it was not P2W, if you “Find  a good guild and keep in mind there is great PvP where payers and freebie accounts join forces for some of the best PvP mmorpg combat on the market”. Both camps kind of agreeing the PvE was nothing to write home about.
So, does these fidel update to the title, and the fact it survived game cuts, make you want to hop into the game for a second time? Third time? Or FIRST time? Here are some highlights on the “Updates”. To me they seem like typical publisher perks to hand out BEFORE deciding to shut a game down. I could be wrong, this could just be generous perks to hand out to loyal crowd AND attract new players (the constant goal of EVERY publisher).
Double currrency rates. Treasure box”s connected with level up challenges. Events titles “Flag Events” wich are just cute names to mask drop rate increases for certain content. And of course to push you in the contect based areas, there are extras for going in them.
Are these challenges, or events enough to boost your interest?
This game… “A wild Aika appears”…woah, where did you come from? I for one have my old account lost in the Gpotato files, so I would be a noob in the this version. I do not see myself signing up in t3fun any time soon, but I have it bookmarked in the event I have the urging.

Eudemons Online in July will be releasing an anniversary update. Another title I had thought was sort of in that “abandonware” department. I was not totally oblivious to this one as I was to Aika, as I do remember seeing the Vampire update in this title. Nevertheless, a forum search and website search on various mmorpg websites will reveal this is one game most people forgot about or have not flocked too as other titles are going F2P, etc. Again, another “P2W” rumored title. I personally stayed out due to this. And this soon fell off my radar pretty quickly. I had that same idea, “After vampire update, they will see no one is playing and shut down”…but check it out, they are about to serve their aniversary! But what a weird one! Theya re going to have a child system, where you and your mates baby will be squirted out into the world to assist in questing and other aspects of your gaming life… I will give them a thumbs up in the creative department for this switch and bait…Will you fall in love with this kind of update in an older game? I for one have enough real life responsibilities and do not see myself logging in to change my virtual kids diappers…Oh look at me talk…like I would ever find a woman in game to make one! XD

Speaking of WOMEN, Granado Espada (another T2fun game), will be realeasing a June update of 3 new female characters. This title had my interest when it was called Sword of theNew World. But as I entered that name in Google to down load the game…it turned into a mess. I learned it was originally called Granado Espada, but only in SEA regions. So I was a little confused. Then this happened:

And the move to T3fun (This site seems to be the graveyard where games get a second life). And well…T3 seems to be publishing all the stuff that keeps their games alive. Updates, so there you have it…you get 3 new women…Do women tempt you to test some older game worlds?

Ragnarok Online. Kicking the dead horse or riding the live stalion? I do not know. For me personally it ended when I got bucked off the grinding pony. Years later I tried going back and I was lost because the ancient EU servers and publishers seemed to have been cut down and “only providing service to US version”…Then after some shuffling. Things seemed to have been straightened out and Gravity took over, and poof, we now have 2 major updates. 1) Mobile versions and 2) New content adding to the story….But my god…10 years later…to tell a story in 2 dimensions is a LONGGG LONNGGG wait. This is, for me, is an example of “Even if you are activei n updates, it is never sure if you will stick to the updating or care of a game. So I have no intention of grinding 5 years of my life to end game”. And yes, this one is Pay to continue. But if you are enjoying the subscription fee, and hardcore fan: I think it is GREAT that the title is alive and not shut down.

2005 Ran Online comes out. That is, as of this writing, 8 years ago…I think back…Shiver…and pretend that little reflection did not happen XD, not at the games expense, but at my expense. I feel so old!  WOW, so how cool is it to be a member of a game company still in business with a so-so title? Pretty cool. And in a brave move, they are shifting servers to EU region. I Will say this. I kind of like that move and MIGHT test it out. I checked the game out in it’s official west acces site…It seemed so abandoned. The forums and sign up had GOLD SPAMMERS! In them! That was just the forums! No one seemed to be active except people wanting to sell in game items. General Discussion had nothing to ontroduce me to a feel of in game social aspects. The general presentation seemed nice, but that site…felt dangerous to even put my email in…But hell…apparently you just et over it, and charge it up if you want in a campus modern mmorpg. Now they are investing in EU transfer…. I Think I need more content promise out of this one. Just changing regions after 8 years and no new content does not make me want to rush in right away…So I will keep an eye on it…A very lazy crooked eye on it…

Last but not least…The one that GETS THE AXE! Good bye SUN online or Soul of the Ultimate Nation. My character info was already destroyed when IJJI shut down. Webzen did not intrigue me to play. Webzen did a little thing like AIKA, where EVENTS gave out lots of perks and at one time they even offered an end game character for free! All leveled up sitting pretty for “new player sign ups” to take… YIKES! That was a year or two ago…imagine if I signed up, got my level 55 or whatever it was, and played for over a year only to see this game get CUT DOWN! YIKES! June 19th 2013 is deadline and you get cash items back from last 3 months. That is nice…but…that leaves the question…will these other games mentioned above get the same treatment one day?

What does this say of company behavior? Some guys just cut their old titles out after promos, others seem to be hanging in there.

AIka   Ran   Eudemons Online   Ragnarok   Soul of the Ultimate N  

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