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Nanbo's Hazard Ops Online Review (Zombies, Monsters, Robots)

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Hazard Ops review. This third person MMOFPS is released by Enmasse in US as Zombies, Monsters, and Robots. With Open Beta freshly launched I was able to put is some hours to get far enough for a review. What can you expect and is it fun? Read on to find out!  

Installation and Graphics: The client and sign up was easy enough. I am on the EU side as the download speed was normal. The game boasts huge promise based on the large design and over the top advertising both on the website and in the games self published videos. Large monsters popping out. Robots shooting off huge rockets. Zombies swarming around. It also had a direct emphasis on character models and they had that “comic” edge to them. I was super excited to see if the characters we

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Nanbo's Swordsman Online Review Levels 20 - 40

Hello all MMOSITE readers. Welcome to my next and final installment of Swordsman Online. In my last review I covered levels 1 – 10 during the weeks first Open Beta. This review I will push on into the levels 20 - 40 ranks and upgrade the score from my last look. You can find my last look into Swordsman Online HERE.

Here are my notes in chronological order:

So far unlocked next 6 skills from the school I Signed up with. It is pretty cool. Everyone a little different, some the same (AOE, single target, etc..) I enjoy my school (Sun and Moon). – I am habing fun in general! The work up to the 20’s was worth it. I am now taking quests from my “school”, or martial arts style I had chosen. Here I can purchase skill scrolls and learn, through questing, new techniques. I have unlocked my next “stance

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Nanbo's Swordsman Online Review Levels 1 - 20

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to Swordsman online review. I will be taking an in depth look at the Perfect World's latest title that has just launched into Open Beta. This is my first 20 levels into the game and I will give it a score based on this early experience at the end of the article. Does Swordsman deal a deadly blow to the competition or is it a lights out for the latest Kung-Fu oriented title? Read on to find out!

(Looking good)

Character selection.

Can't really tell what body proportions because full robes are on and can't see body well. – Any body modifications are hard to spot since you are fully robed in flowing layered clothing.

Female model is horrendously ugly. Like an alien. There are two skin tones that look like zombie.

A greenish and a yellow sickish tone... – Yo

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Nanbo's Elsword Review Levels 20 - 30

Hello all mmosite readers and welcome to my Elwsord evolving review levels 20 – 30. Last time I took us through the first 20 levels to see what the game had to offer. This time I will be going into more detail on several points I did not cover. This will include the skill, cash shop, and progression. In the end we will give the game a new score based on the new progress I have made. Will the game gain a point? Lose a point? Or stay the same? Read on to find out!


Just a brief introduction to bring us back into the swing of things. A few major things changed since my last review. The largest being that my time trialed items wore off by now. They included costume pieces and event items. I can tell you the game opened up visually now! You see, when I Started level 1, I had this ful

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