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Echo of Soul Cash Shop and Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next adventure into Echo of Soul. Last time I took you into the first 10 levels to test out the game and prepare you for what to expect.  Now, I am nearly level cap, but this segment will deal with level s 10-30. We will also take the time to dissect the cash shop and see if this game is pay to win or not. Let’s get started!


This game really does not change much at all into the next 30 levels, so this review section will have emphasis mainly on the Cash shop.

At this time I am also in a guild that is run entirely by end game players so I have some great feed back on how things run.

We will talk PvP a little more as well.

Game play:

Since I can sum up the entire experience as “mediocre with a few more disappointments. The end”…I will get

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Nanbo's Inspirit (ELOA) Closed Beta Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Inspirit / ELOA Closed Beta review. Inspirit (known as EOLA in Korea) is a ESTA games title brought to the west in full English an no IP ban (except for Korea). The game launched last week and I have a chance to get into open beta and bring you the goods! IS this game worth your time upon Open Beta? Read on to find out!

Introduction and installation:
I am not sure of all the details surrounding the legal issues the company has had. But it seems that it is / was an IP issue with Korea. Opening up for the west with no IP ban meant Korean clients could skip out of their ESTA home publisher and come to ENT entertainment in the west…and that was a no-no. *shrug*.

The installation was fast, and the servers ran stable. Nothing tricky to do. Just sign up an

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Nanbo's Echo of Soul Review Level 1-10

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Echo of Souls Online review.  Released a few months agon in Open Beta at Aeria Games, this mmorpg has been considered the most anticipated MMORPG of the year. It also has received praise as the most popular played Korean MMORPG. I will be bringing you the first 10 levels of game play in this review and go over the basic mechanics. Does this game hold up to the most anticipated ? Read on to find out !

Introduction and Installation :

I am late on the review since we are about two months into open beta. I had install issues with this title and finally got it up and running. But, if you have noticed, almost all reviews seem very shallow and seem to repeat the same thing : « It is basic, nothing new, but polished ». I will be g

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Nanbo's Villagers and Heroes Reborn Review

Hello MMOSITE readers ! Today we will revisit an older title that received a major update ! Villagers and Heroes came out a few years back, and just recently received a graphical overhaul as well as major in game updates.  Villagers and Heroes is known as an indie made mmorpg with sand box elements. Let’s check it out!


Introduction and Installation:

I believe this was considered a “facebook game” when it first came out. But I believe it was more of a “can link your progress to facebook” than an actual facebook integration (or maybe you could only log in through FB and play on it’s browser version?) I am not sure, but today you can sign in on your STEAM account or your account from the website. You can also play in browser or download the client. I used the client.

I inst

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