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Nanbo's Archlord 2 Review Levels 1 - 10

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest review. Today I am writing about Archlord 2. This title is published by Webzen and the sequal to the older Archlord. I have never played Archlord I have heard that the general concept is copy and pasted in the sequal. That is: Build up your character in a PvP centric world, and battle it out enough to get the Archlord title. This brings rewards to you (and perhaps your faction) in the sum of buffs and other power ups. Sound enticing? Well I jumped into this with open mind and sword sharpened. Here are my first ten levels worth of review.

I heard of Archlord several years back when a fellow guild mate of mine in PWI, left to test new waters. He found his home in Archlord and tried recruiting us all over. Over time I lost contact wi

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Nanbo's Fire Emblem vs. Fist of Mars vs. Advance War review

Fire Emblem vs. Fist of Mars vs. Advance Wars

Hi MMOSITE readers and welcome to my turn based strategy combat review. These three games I recently finished on Game Boy Advance. How is this related to MMORPG? Well, almost all games you are playing online have roots in older basic titles. From story, battle schemes, too character designs. Current turn based MMORPGS, Atlantica Online, Dofus, Wakfu, and several browser based title games, sport these throw back mechanics to hand held times. Without further delay, let’s get our battle on!


Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem is an anime style medieval fantasy based game. The design is 2D character modes head to mid waist level that stand to the right or left with a light art detailed background. This is the detail “graphic” parts of the game to pu

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Nanbo's Perfect World International Tips

Hello MMOSITE readers  and welcome to my latest article concerning Perfect World International. You may have heard of the latest expansion coming up called Chill of Luneska. The focus of the next content update will be territory for mostly higher end levels. Do not let that scare you in thinking the community is packed into end game and the new player experience is an endless void. More than ever the game has been streamlined to get you into the fighting, not too quickly, but paced just right. Here are some tips and tricks others have shared with me that I would like to pass on to the new or returning player.

“Oh, Perfect World. P2W, I am skipping it.” Fair enough. They have had, before content to busy people with, hard mid level struggles to either grind out normally, us

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Nanbo's Dungeon Gems Review

Hello all MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Dungeon Gems review. This game is a Gameloft published game and available free to play through Google Play for iphones and Android systems. The game at it's core is a tile matching and smashing game, but it introduces more features from other games that it stands out amungst the sea of mobile games. The fantasy theme and epic music score also set it apart from other "candy crushing" mobile games. This addiciting title has a lot to offer, so how exactly does it stand out from others and is it worth the down load? Read on!


I usually do not cover mobile games as I find the majority simple time wasters not complex enough to even write up a whole article about. If I do write an article about it, it usually has a huge fun / unique factor

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