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Nanbo's Archlord 2 Review Levels 10 - 20

 Hello MMOSITE readers. Welcome to my next installment review of Archlord 2. In my last article, we covered the first ten levels giving the early experience a 2.5/5 points. I wondered out into the wilds to help save the villagers from goblins last for ten levels traight. I am proud to announce I have reached the end of the first map area and well into level 20. So, how was the journey? Is the game worth laying still? Read on to find out!

I finally am paying attention to the second weapon load out. I am a 1 handed fighter with shield as my main.  As a second load out, I put a staff, and I have started putting points in the healing skills. As I fight, in the middle of battle, I can easily swap out to my other weapon and skills. Mt ideal build is paladin like, the staff second load o

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Nanbo's Perfect World Cash Shop and Gold Guide

Hello MMOSITE readers, visitors, and all other creatures ! I have been attached to one of my favorite titles for a long time: Perfect World International. If “World of Warcraft” is a base game to compare most games too, “Perfect World” is a base game most people refer too as “pay to win”. But is it really? Is it really a massive money sink that only caters to players spending thousands and thousands of dollars each month? If so, how? How can a game get away with this price tag for so long? I decided to take apart the cash shop item by item and present you what I found.Read on to see if this game really is a P2W title. As a bonus, I will also provide a guide on how to get A LOT of in game coin.


As a reviewer of games, I always keep an eye on the cash shop to decide if the

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Nanbo's Archlord 2 Review Levels 1 - 10

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest review. Today I am writing about Archlord 2. This title is published by Webzen and the sequal to the older Archlord. I have never played Archlord I have heard that the general concept is copy and pasted in the sequal. That is: Build up your character in a PvP centric world, and battle it out enough to get the Archlord title. This brings rewards to you (and perhaps your faction) in the sum of buffs and other power ups. Sound enticing? Well I jumped into this with open mind and sword sharpened. Here are my first ten levels worth of review.

I heard of Archlord several years back when a fellow guild mate of mine in PWI, left to test new waters. He found his home in Archlord and tried recruiting us all over. Over time I lost contact wi

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Nanbo's Fire Emblem vs. Fist of Mars vs. Advance War review

Fire Emblem vs. Fist of Mars vs. Advance Wars

Hi MMOSITE readers and welcome to my turn based strategy combat review. These three games I recently finished on Game Boy Advance. How is this related to MMORPG? Well, almost all games you are playing online have roots in older basic titles. From story, battle schemes, too character designs. Current turn based MMORPGS, Atlantica Online, Dofus, Wakfu, and several browser based title games, sport these throw back mechanics to hand held times. Without further delay, let’s get our battle on!


Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem is an anime style medieval fantasy based game. The design is 2D character modes head to mid waist level that stand to the right or left with a light art detailed background. This is the detail “graphic” parts of the game to pu

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