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Nanbo's Skyforge 3rd Closed Beta Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Skyforge 3rd Closed Beta Review. Skyforge is My.com upcoming mmorpg. Already released in Russia under my.ru, Skyforge has promised a fresh take on the mmorpg genre with a sci-fi / fantasy theme free to play game. So how is the game coming along for the western installation? Read on to find out!


I recently got a closed beta invite to the third closed beta of Skyforge. Since most people are reviewing the NA version, I decided to go into the EU version to see how it is holding up (French language pack). I am not sure where the game is hosted from for EU. Usually they are hosted out of either New York or Germany. That said, the game ran fine with no lag or hick-ups. And the population was decent.

Let’s get to the game!

Game Play:

I am going to

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Nanbo's Light of Darkness Closed Beta Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next review article. I will be taking a look at a game in closed beta called Light of Darkness. This is a 2D isometric fantasy web based mmorpg. The game offers a non gender locked class based system with time travel to different eras wielding godly powers. I will be taking a look with a private invite to see what we can look forward to upon open beta release and what can be fixed upon.


Before I get into the games nitty gritty, I have to tell you right off that this game uses the same exact UI / Graphic / System as Storm Throne from R2 games (so it is a clone in a lot of ways with a few minor differences). Light of Darkness can be signed up for right now over at: http://lod.3claws.com/?camp=2549002

I do believe 3 claws, the publisher, is a

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Nanbo's Terra Battle Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to another game review. This time we are going to look at Terra Battle, a mobile iOS and Android free to play game brought to you by Mistwalker. Just looking at the art, you can see that it resembles one of our favorite series…Final Fantasy. Is this game actually worthy of porting such epic images? Or is it just another marketing gimmick for a poor game? Read on to find out!




I found this game by chance in the google play store. I do not mobile game often, usually on mmorpg down time (which I am in right now). This game caught my attention by, yes, it’s art work. “terra” obviously caught my attention too since I like TERA. And that Final Fantasy art? What Is this? I read up quickly, saw that yes Final Fantasy people worked on it. An

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Discussion : Steam vs The People

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest discussion article. Today I want to look at the reasoning behind STEAM’s latest update to charge for services on their “free” client game platform. Is it a means to stop account selling or is it a way to keep their internal mini game floating? Lets discuss!


If you have not heard of it before, STEAM is a company that sells digital versions of video games. They use a free client to download to install their games with. They hand tailor their games from the original versions to streamline on their servers. This includes “Steam” only patches and other information gathering to track your activity. For example, if a known patch comes out from a game developed, you usually have to wait for STEAM to pick it up, recode it so it gets distrib

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