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Inspirit Boss Hunting Tour (levels 1-20)

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Inspirit (ELOA) Online Review levels 1 – 20. This is half way through the level cap (max is level 40) and we have crossed an entire continent! This game has not changed much from my closed beta review, so I will go over what is more “up front” and what keeps me logging in every day! The dungeons! That sweet sweet progress! So without further delay, here is a review / dungeon guide.

Introduction / Game Play:

Since my last review, not a lot has changed. You still CHANGE CLASSES ON THE GO (including in middle of combat…Which I do often as a boss fighting tactic). You still are on a quest progression by unlocking parts of maps and continuing to take and kill all kinds of creatures as you go on. I like the graphics and the quest story line. I enjoy the “eas

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Inspirit (ELOA) Online Open Beta Sign Up

Open Beta

Registration is now open! You will no longer need a key to create an account on our main website!

Any player who made an account during Closed Beta will not need to create a new account for Open Beta.

Note: Hotmail emails may take 24 hours to send the registration email. If you do not receive the email, try registering again.

Client Download

A new client is available to download from both the EU and the NA website. Downloading it from either website will give the same client.

This new client is not required if you already have a copy of the client. Just patch your client and you will receive the new client files.




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Vindictus Season 3 Content Update

Hi all! Vindictus recently updated to Season 3 episode 1, update 1.60. For all the update notes, please feel free to check this out from the official site: 

Dear Mercenaries,

The moment has arrived - the real Season 3 content update is here, and a completely new adventure awaits for you to be discovered! We hope you will enjoy reading through all the changes just as we've enjoyed preparing the patch notes for you.

Use the table below if you wish to jump to a specific section and have fun!   Table of Contents   Season 3 Episode 1
New Gear Crafting System
Skill Awakening
Cash Shop
Other Changes   Season 3 - Episode 1     The story takes shape

The prologue sure shook our minds, mercenaries and likely made you ask yourselves many questions as
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Nanbo's Cabal 2 Review Levels 10 - 20

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next review section of CABAL 2. Last time we took a look at the first 10 levels, and it was a pretty solid game despite a few issues. So, as I push on into the fantasy world, we will see if this game is worth investing in for the long haul, and we will change up the score giving a final score up to the 20 levels of game play.



As I continue (Half of 40, level cap is 20, so I am half way there now), a few things changed. I kept my eye on the crafting and we will go over it. I also had more donjon experience. There will also be a community piece as we go over guilds. I can already tell you in the intro, the quality of life of this game goes right down the drain. Here is why:


Character Progression:

Several things start to deteriora

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