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Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Aura Kingdom (Fantasy Frontier)
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Classic RPG and the roots of modern MMORPG

Hello MMORPG readers. How about something a little different ? Let’s sit back, take a deep breath, and dive right into the RPG history that influences the MMORPGS we play today! We will see the origins of open action combat, exp rates, leveling up, and much more! Let’s get this journey started!


In playing as much MMORPG games as I do, I also take a few breaks from time time to refresh my … soul… During these breaks I usually like to play some old school games, from side scrollers to shooters. One thing I like to do is finish a few classic RPG’s that I never got a chance to do back in the 90’s when they came out. I recently finished the Final Fantasy series, Mana series, Lufia, etc… And you know what… there are moments, as I am pushing mid to end game, I sit back and reali

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Nanbo's Heroes of the Storm Review

Hello mmosite readers and welcome to my Heroes of the Storm (HoS) review ! Blizzard’s new MOBA, HoS, has turned many interested since it comes from one of the biggest mmorpg companies. Will the game carve a new field in the MOBA field or will it simply clone the more popular titles? Open Beta testing is now available to the public and here is my first look.

Introduction and Install:

The game caught my attention because, after all, Blizzard spurred the DOTA rage and passively was responsible for the MOBA genre (where World of Warcraft will have a mod that turns it into DOTA). That RTS style turned into a 3 lane arena fighter. If you have heard, MOBA has generated more revenue than mmorpg this year, and that means…PREPARE yourself! More companies are going to saturate the market (makes y

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Nanbo's Dragon's Prophet Review Levels 20 - 30

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my next review in Dragon’s Prophet Online. In this review we will look at where I left off, and continue Up to level 30. In my last review, we took a general look at what you can expect based on the first 20 levels. I rated the game pretty high as I was completely engaged and entertained with a refreshing mmorpg experience…but will it hold up as I press on? Read on to find out!



This is the second installment in my evolving review. If you are new to my revolving review, I give a score on each level tier as I find it a good measure for what a player can find later on. It also shows us that although there are “good hooks” in the start of a game, it can quickly deteriorate later on (or stay well designed to the end). So, without further d

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Nanbo's Dragon's Prophet (EU) Review

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Dragons Prophet (EU) Review. This MMORPG is developed by Runewalker games (known for Runes of Magic game), and is published by Infernum in the EU and SONY (now Day Breaking Games) in the US. The game has been time tested with a few years of publication and a solid fan base. So, is this just over hyped marketing of Dragons? Or is this a worthy mmorpg? Let’s find out in my first 20 levels of game play!


I am playing on the EU version which has direct updates and less… “problems” according to the forums. As you know SONY / Day Break transition and over all “sister publisher” of a title can delay or neglect certain issues and that is one reason I chose EU. The other because I live out here. They invite US players to come to the English servers

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