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Nanbo's Hearthstone Newbie Review

We meet again my cherished Mmosite dwellers! Today I am doing a review on Blizzard's World of Warcraft themed online card game: Hearthstone. I will be giving you a quick look at what it is like to start the game. GEt through the tutorial. Get your first two booster packs for free. And eventually start out into online PvP ranked matches. I have only sunk in a total of about 24 hours of game play so I consider myself a noob still. Therefore, there may be points glossed over and in general this a good "first look" approach.

Before I start I would like to give credit to Scion Storm who, through a simple youtube video, made me decide for myself to play. I was on the fence: "Should I bother or not?" I saw his video and got right on.

You can find his blog here: BLOG

(I do not remember this ki

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Nanbo's Phantasy Star 2 Online Review Levels 20 - 25

Hello all Mmositers, visitors, and all other creatures! Last I left you in Phantasy Star 2 Online we had discussed a few menu systems and general game play through a few starter maps I had unlocked. This article will cover the next 5 levels from where we left off up to level 25. We will discuss upgrading armor, crafting, pay options, guild features, and the evolution of character progress into level 25. I will also give a score of this experience. Last time I gave the game a score of 4.5 out of 5. Will this level bracket hold the same score experience? Drop? Raise? Read on!

In my last article I wrote about how the game through level 20 took a "dragon slayer" turn as I grew out of killing little mobs, mini bosses, and bosses and moved on to full on dragon encounters! This was very welcome

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Nanbo's World of Tanks Review

Hello all my mmosite readers, visitors, and all other creatures! I recently got back into World of Tanks to check out the post 8.0 changes. One of the major motivations to coming back was the news of the new physics model to be introduced in the future! We will be able to destory more objects and act more...tanky! Also, I noticed that patch 8.11 had some major tweaks and a lot of people seem to be happy with the current state of the game. And lastly, as I was wondering around gaming videos I noticed live stream WoT events and the whole "e-sport" vibe it has gotten itself into. So, what is coming back like? Read on!

Warning the start of the article is me venting my 8.0 rage, and the later half is more about current state of the game. Read on without skipping before commenting to avoid taki
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Nanbo's X.A.O.C Online Review Levels 15 - 20

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of the X.A.O.C. evolving review. Those not familiar with this kind of review: I take a game, try to get as far as end game as possible (or burn out) and change the score each tier level. Last time I did a review of levels 1 - 15 experience and gave X.A.O.C. online a 3/5. The new player experience was very standard fare. So standard I did not understand a single word of Japanese but was able to navigate through the entire game without problem by guessing what all the standard buttons, gifts, and menu's do.

I have matured a bit. Level 20 now and some more map explored. So that leaves the question, will this game get a better score? become worse? or stay the same? Read on to find out!

Here are my notes in chronological order:

Voice acting cut

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