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Nanbo's Pox Nora Review Levels 1 - 5

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Pox Nora Review, levels 1 – 5. Pox Nora is an older title that was once picked up by SONY entertainment, then dropped and kept on running under Desert Owl. The game touts a “card game” like core and a strategy turn based combat map. So how does this high fantasy mmo battle game hold up? Read on to find out!

Introduction :

I remember hearing about this game long ago. I never got into it at the time because I was so bust with other titles and this one kind of disappeared off my radar. Which I am sure is the case for most of you reading. I just recently gave card games a try and generally like them except for their F2P models being non F2Per friendly tabout every title that exists). I mention to give the reader my background. I am not going into this ga

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Nanbo's Aura Kingdom Review Levels 15 - 30

Hello all my MMOSITE readers, welcome to my Aura Kingdom review levels 15 – 30. Previously I covered this title upon Open Beta up to the first 15 levels. A lot has changed since my last look, and some things rest the same. Overall, I am enjoying my re-vist of this anime mmorpg title. Wihtout further delay, hereis my review :

Introduction :

In my last REVIEW I was pretty tough on the game, but it well deserved it. It was frustrating to navigate and left with a very “bot filled cheap game” start. So why have I returned? Well, I have had some people asking me to look over it as it has “gotten better” they said. I also had the Aeria game client install to prepare for Echo of Souls. So I figured “why not?” I am also in the mood for “calmer” mmorpgs since I am only playing a MOBA at the moment (wi

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Nanbo's TROVE Review Levels 1 - 5

Hi all readers and welcome to my Trove review! Trove is Trion’s voxel “Mine Craft” mmo game. It has opened it’s doors to open beta about a week ago. I was in since Closed Beta, but have created a new account for Open Beta to get a fresh feel on the game and let you know what you can expect. Here are my first five levels worth of game play.


Tove is a fast install. It requires the Glyph client from Trion, and then the install of the game which all runs smooth, fine, etc…I did have problems with the latest drivers on my ATI card and the game that kept me out a long time. This time I had to roll back the drivers and it worked fine.
I was in Closed Beta with a key invite and played to level 5. I stopped and restarted with a level 5. Here is how it plays out:

Game Play (Character Crea

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Returning to League of Legends 2015 Season

Hello all my mmorpg readers and welcome to my first post of 2015 ! If you have been following me, you will have noticed I have been playing a MOBA this new year…Specifically RIOT’s League of Legends. It is my first MOBA, and one of my favorites. The game has changed over the years, so here is my review of the 2015 version of League of Legends!

Introduction :

I play on the EU West server. I do have an account in USA. But I only use it when it is down time in EU or low population, or want a taste of different style game play. I have a level 22 account with over 100 victories. My rune page is nearly complete, my skills all fleshed out. I have purchased with FREE in game coin, 5 champions: Amumu, Yorik, Tristina, Janna and Akali. I principally use Amumu and am best with him (and have most r

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