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Hi all, it's been a while since I posted anything, but I've not quit gaming or anything close to that. Since I did not get into CBT for BnS, I lost touch with news on the game and felt very lost when I heard it will be in OBT this Thursday! Being unaware of what all the classes in the game are, and wanting more in-depth information about them, I started reading up, but could'nt find any english write-ups about it (maybe I missed it, that's why I did this post).

So I spent this entire day, reading through duowan forums and encountered several informative and entertaining posts about the classes, and decided to translate and compile some of the information I learnt. I hope this helps anyone who is an uninformed beginner like me to gain a better understanding of the classes and to better decide which to try first!

Note: Description of classes and especially the additional comments by writers are strictly from the sources, since I really do not know much myself. So any disagreements, please don't rage at me or at your screen, they are simply opinions of other players. Also, some of the posts are old, and date back to the start of the year, meaning the information can be slightly outdated (for example, kung fu master was OP back then, but I don't think they are right now). If you have additional thoughts or have experiences to share about the class you have played, especially how they stand in the current patch, please feel free to comment :) :D

Also, any wrong translations or misunderstandings, Chaos/Jimmy/Mon please let me know, since half the time I don't even know what they are talking about. I simply translated as I understood them from a general mmo player's pov.

Roles in BnS(from what I understand):

Tank (MT/2T): Since there are no player skills in BnS that acts like a taunt, you have to output a lot of damage in order to maintain the aggro on the boss. Hence, tanks do a lot of damage as well, and do not just take damage/block/defend. A MT is the main tank, the one who is confident of not dying and confident of doing enough damage to boss to keep aggro. The 2T will be the one who picks aggro up should MT fail or die.

DPS: Well, you do damage, and survive.

CC: Crowd control abilities when used at the right time, makes the boss fight easier. Even if the boss cannot be CC-ed, there is a system where 2 CC skills can be used (same color) in quick succession to activate a CC on the boss for interruption. Refer to http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/316/20131125/Translations_The_7_Classes_in_BnS_some_compiled_info_from_dw-52935d6da70300113-1.html#p52959727e80a67 for a more detailed explanation on boss CC.

Support: Utility skills, like temporary invulnerability for players, buffs/debuffs and so on.

Blade Master

PvE Role: MT/2T

Has great damage output, and so is able to maintain aggro on boss most of the time. Has parry skills that last a substantial amount of time, making them a good choice for a tank. Has flashy skills :D

Very needed for end game raids, and also a favourite class for carrying through instances.

Solo: Decent survivability while soloing due to parry and decent aoe clear as well. Aoe > parry and recover内力> aoe again, rinse and repeat for easy leveling. Easy in terms of soloing bosses.

PvP: Potential to insta-kill opponents in one combo at lower ranks. But at higher ranks, due to enemy's increase in defensive stats and better gear, not as easy to do so and get to the top of the ladder. Use of combos and weakening skills plus the ability to parry is still a strength of the bm in pvp.

Overall: Fast leveling and a crucial class for end game raids. High damage, pretty skills and good survivability :O Also one of the easiest classes to solo instances. Suffers in pvp. Great for the majority of players. Very balanced class, do give it a try!

Available Races: Human, Tian.

Additional Comments from Sources:

- NC's亲儿子. Be it combo, CC, dps, survivability, flashy skills, bm has it all. And it isn't hard to learn to play this class too (mastering is another matter). However if you consider carefully, comboing as bm is not as fun and engaging as kung fu master, CC is not as effective as destroyer, dps is not as high as force master, and what is left is what all the other classes yearn: parry.

- However, do not ONLY use parry and not do anything else, since that will not maintain the aggro. Remember to continue dishing out damage and watch out for dps classes stealing aggro. Be sure to maintain bleed stacks as well.

- A good bm can permanently hold aggro and not lose much hp at all, but still manage to do 30% of the team's damage. A bad bm, however, will be running behind a boss, chasing its backside.

Kung Fu Master

PvE Role: MT/2T

The kungfu master was a powerful class in the past patches, but I think recently it has been nerfed and generally people refer to them as an inferior class. They function mainly by their many powerful dps abilities, i-frames and counter skills, coupled with life-leech, making them a tough class to drop. Very entertaining class to play, since people have commented that this class's gameplay is the closest to a fighting game, and every punch can be felt with much impact.

However, the main consensus is that kfm requires the highest amount of skill and the best connection speeds/ping in order to play well. They serve as a tank, but their parry/block has a much shorter duration than the bm, hence reaction speed, knowledge of boss's rotations and also the ping must all be top notch. Done well and a kfm can solo the boss till the end even if the rest of the party is dead.

Combos very well with the CCs of destroyers, able to even control bosses that cannot be cc-ed for nearly 10s by working together (usage of combo CCs).

Solo: Single target damage is very high, and solo-killing single mobs are a breeze. However, aoe skills are lacking and that makes leveling them a pain. However, with good player skill and good ping, they easily top the charts for fastest solo boss kills.

PvP: Generally a much feared class to play against. Has sick combo damage, good counter skills and above average defense. Powerful in the right hands, but disastrous when used poorly.

Overall: Great solo class and powerful pvp class. This class lets you experience BnS combat at its very best. Great for players who like fast-paced combat. I watched some vids on kfm and even short skirmishes with regular mobs are fun to watch. It seems similar to playing fighting games, and aerial combos are cool. However, requires much skill and decent ping to do well. Recommended to try out this class even if you are not going to main it, simply just to enjoy its awesome combat style.

*according to Yaze, kfm is a rather weak class atm in terms of pvp, due to nerf to i-frames. Definitely take note of this while considering :)

Available Races: Human, Dragon.


PvE Role: Main DPS/Support

An agile, slippery class to play, with many stealth skills in his arsenal. Stealth offers both offensive and defensive bonuses to the assassin. Requires the player to maintain constant stacks of poison and bleed on bosses to achieve maximum dps. Can switch between melee and ranged dps in combat so he's rather flexible. Stealth is an important mechanic for him since he uses it to activate various powerful combos.

Like the kfm, assassins also require lots of skill and a good internet connection. Some of their skills (and stealth) can only activate under strict conditions, e.g. require you to activate about 0.5s within the next boss's attack, and that would require some training and knowledge, as well as little delay.

Solo: Decent solo-killing speed, one combo kills one mob, low to no rest time at all. For aoe clears, a player used a rotation of bomb and poison cloud, while jumping around waiting for cooldowns ._. Not the most fun way of clearing groups of enemies, but at least it's still possible. If not, simply find a partner (a class who has better aoe) and level together :P

Soloing bosses that can be cc-ed is very easy for assassins. For other bosses, some skill is needed, but generally circling the boss while maintaining full bleed stacks, and staying alive should do the job. Slippery players can also achieve perma-stealth gameplay, while grinding down the boss.

PvP: Strong. Stealth, combos and poison, and can achieve more than 15s of combo + CC on a target. But being weak in defense, can be killed in one combo by other classes if countered.

Overall: Great pvp class, great dps and support in raids. However, assassins are weak in terms of survivability and are slow in leveling. Great for players who love PvP, and like fast-paced reactionary combat. If ping is bad, might not be a great experience playing as Assassin. Also great for players who are scared of dying and like to play safe.

Available Races: Human.


PvE Role: CC master.

Highest HP in the game, most CC abilities to offer in a party. Able to single-handedly CC bosses that cannot be cc-ed (sounds contradicting..). Main role in boss battles would be to apply CC at the correct timing, and to maximise the party's damage output. Used to tank boss's adds when they spawn. They have parry as well.

Solo: Single target clearing is kind of slow compared to other classes, since their attack speed is slower. But they can take 0 damage and keep going since they can perma-CC mobs while hacking at them. Aoe clear is a breeze, especially after the spin gets the immunity to CC effects and enables you to keep spinning without interruption.

PvP: Not very good. Skills are too easy to recognize and easily countered. Has above average defense though.

Overall: Fast leveling and very needed in instances throughout the game due to their CC abilities. Great to start exploring new instances by bringing along a destroyer + kfm combo. However, destroyer does not do that well in pvp. Great for players who love massive weapons and a more supportive playstyle.

*Destroyer is strong in pvp in the current patch according to Yaze. So a huge plus for the destroyers!

Available Races: Dragon.

Additional Comments from Sources:

- Other than slow attack speed, all other aspects are generally advantages of a destroyer.

- When boss summons adds, spin. Or simply catch, hug, throw.

- A good destroyer needs to know how to chain skills in the right order, if not CC will be wasted.

Force Master

PvE Role: DPS/Support

Regarded by many as the highest damage dealer in the game, fm is a ranged dps class that requires much mobility during combat. They can tank specific bosses, protect/save teammates, CC and also deal damage, making them a class that can perform many important tasks in battle. With proper gear and skill, they can maintain full health throughout the fight with outstanding life-leech.

Solo: Fast clear in both single target and aoe clears.

PvP: Bad. Paper health with lack of defensive skills. Can get totally countered by some skills other classes have, since fm uses ranged abilities.

Overall: No.1 pve DPS, but horrible in pvp. For players who like glass cannon classes and pve all day/night long.

Available Races: Tian, Lyn.

Additional Comments from Sources:

- Very high dps, and being ranged, doesn't need super high knowledge of boss's skills and prediction to do well like kfm/bm. But still needs to constantly take note of fire stacks, proper use of utilities and not stealing aggro from mt.

- A good fm can achieve 40% of party's dps. But a bad one will be stealing away mt's aggro and start to run around, constantly jumping, and constantly aggroing more mobs, and end up fully dead. Simply put, a burden.

Lyn Blade Master

PvE Role: A mix…

It was stated that lbm was a mixture of bm, fm and destroyer, and so, he can do abit of what each of the others can do. However, he does not tank as well as bm, does not dps as well as fm and also does not cc as well as the destroyer. As a result, lbms have a tougher time finding parties at end game. Still useful for maximizing the party's overall dps and as a general dps source.

Solo: Decent clear for both single target and aoe, similar to bm.

PvP: This is where lbm shines. People say lbm is a class made for pvp, able to dps, CC and being hard to target (small stature). Will require some defensive gear to do even better in duels.

Overall: Fast leveling speed and superb pvp skillset. However, lbm suffers from having less survivability and a not so defined role in end game raids. Suitable for pvp lovers, lolli lovers, and jack-of-all-trades pve players.

Available Races: Lyn.


PvE Role: A mix, plus act cute (both summoner itself and the cat :3)

A busy class to play in raids. To your teammates, your most important ability is your cat's taunt. When your teammates die, you have to save them, or continue battle by soloing boss until they return. Your signature skills root and life leech are short-ranged skills, and root is a defense debuff, so you must use it correctly. Pet also has CC abilities to manage. Signature ability 2: mass invisibility, is a party survival skill. Basically a class with many uses in a party.

Solo: Easy compared to other classes, since they have their cat.

PvP: Strong. 2v1, ability to stealth, root, while steadily dropping your hp. Skillful players will make use of the auto-targetting system of BnS to trick your aim by constantly stepping behind the cat.

Overall:Powerful in pvp and a strong support class in pve. Cute designs for both player and cat. However, might be less needed in end game raids due to lower overall dps at higher levels. Great for players who are highly skilled pvp players, or for players who want a more casual style of playing the game. And of course, for lolli/cat lovers <3

Additional Comments from Sources:

- Originally designed for female players, cute cat + cute lolli combo. And NC thought, since it's for female players, we should buff it abit more, and so they are now good in pvp as well.

- Quite different from summoners from other games, since the main character will need to dps as well. Challenge is to control both the main character and also the cat for maximum potential.

- A bad player from other classes will at most cause chaos in battle. A bad summoner, however, has the potential to wipe the team. E.g. mass invisibility, causing tank to invis, and then aggro goes wild…

-A good summoner will need to work well with the team and use CC abilities and taunts at the right moments, while also be constantly aware of what your teammates are doing.








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