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i've mentioned that i will be quite busy with some translation work for Force Master skills this week, and it sure took quite alot of time to finish up. the full thread can be found here: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/316/20131226/Force_Master_Skill_Translations_Updated-52bc5f04989dbac13-1.html#p52bc5f04989dba

to adequately and accurately translate skill info, one has to provide even more details than the skill window itself. from time to time, skill descriptions in game will leave one full of question marks. for example, when it says "hits at most 3 targets", does it mean that 1) its an aoe around the target, 2) its a bouncing attack, 3) if its an aoe attack, do all the mobs that get hit by damage get affected by the spell's effects as well, 4) if its a bounce attack, will it bounce back onto a previous target? the list goes on, and thats up to the translator to find out ._.

the article is lengthy, but for anyone who is uninterested in translations (eg, u understand Chinese better than i do), here are some interesting findings about Force Master mechanics extracted from the thread. these are information that are not stated anywhere in game. ever wondered what a fire gem 炎玉 is and how the system works? ever wished there was but one type of freeze debuff and not 3 to make things simpler? tada, hope you enjoy the read!

1) Fire/Ice Gems 炎玉/冰玉

- Once generated, gems will persist (swirling around caster) for 30s. Once 30s is up, gems will disappear.
- If a gem of the same color is generated, the timer resets to 30s. And both the new and old gem will persist for 30s starting from when 2nd gem is generated.
- Once there are 3 gems on the casters already, no new gems will be generated. This means that once the 3rd gem's creation has refreshed the timer for all 3 gems, timer will NOT be reset anymore until these 3 time out.
- Gems of different colors do NOT affect one another in terms of bonus or timers.

Fire Gem

1 Gem: When attacked, deal 3%Atk to attacker, increases fire stack on attacker by 1.

2 Gem: When attacked, deal 6%Atk to attacker, increases fire stack on attacker by 1.

3 Gem: When attacked, deal 10%Atk to attacker, increases fire stack on attacker by 1.

Ice Gem

1 Gem: When attacked, gain 1 energy, increases cold debuff stack on attacker by 1. When a foe accumulates 3 stacks of cold debuff, it gets frozen.

2 Gem: When attacked, gain 2 energy, increases cold debuff stack on attacker by 1.

3 Gem: When attacked, gain 3 energy, increases cold debuff stack on attacker by 1.

*note: all the "when attacked" bonuses trigger only from a successful clean attack from the enemy. Meaning dodging, parrying will NOT result in the bonuses listed.

2) Fire Stacks 火种

Many fire skills apply 1 (or more) fire stacks onto enemies when they hit. The number of stacks currently on an enemy can be seen clearly by the number marked beside a fire seed symbol on the mob. The stacks will accumulate up to a maximum of 5 stacks, or whenever they are detonated (used up). The description in the skill window is as follows:

1) When detonating, deal X damage per fire stack to the target. (In fact, each stack does 30%Atk damage during detonation, excluding bonuses)
2) For every fire stack detonated this way, deal an extra 75% damage. (The unknown bonus damage comes from here)

Personally, I find this description lacking, and so i conducted a simple experiment. I will show my findings in the form of images since I did it on Excel. TLDR below ^^


- The accurate description of the fire stacks system should be:

1) When detonating, deal 30%Atk damage per fire stack to the target.
2) Deal bonus 75%Atk damage per additional fire stack after the 1st stack.

- The formula to calculate damage dealt by detonating fire stacks will be:

Dmg = (0.3n + 0.75(n-1))Atk , where n = number of stacks.

3) Different Types of Ice Debuffs

Frozen 结冰

- Root effect. Foe will not be able to move.
- Foe will be able to attack if you are within range of it. Foe can use skills while frozen.
- Foe can be attacked and attacking it does not remove foe from root.
- Some skills that can cause Frozen status includes: Ice Wave and Icy Palms.

Iced 冻结

- Foe will be unable to move, attack, use skills or perform any action.

- Foe can be attacked and be affected by skills, but once it takes any damage, debuff will be removed prematurely.

- The only skill that can cause Iced status is: Frozen Soil.

Ice Prison 冰牢

- Foe will be unable to move, attack, use skills or perform any action.
- Foe can be targeted, but cannot be damaged, debuffed or be affected by any skills.

- Some skills that can cause Ice Prison status includes: Icy Body (Self), Moonlight Snow and Ice Prison.

4) Innate Ice Skill Effect

- Upon casting any ice spells, caster gets 10% increased defense that lasts for 5s, and can stack up to 10 times. This is an innate effect of all ice skills.
- Timer of 5s will be refreshed every time a new stack is gained.


That's all for now! As usual, have a good time in game :D

5 of a kind :P

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