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Cradle of the Stars Update June 28th

High-level content

1. New Area “The Cradle of the Star - Lilir” Addition

- Enter the area by talking with the NPCs (Sea of Sky – Wizard NPC and Infinite Corridor – Wizard NPC)
- You can exit the area by talking to the NPC Elffy at the Silver Ivy Mansion entrance
- Area

-Star Powder Plain (Field, 170Lv range)
-Constellation Cliff (Boss Room, 170Lv range)
-Silver Ivy Mansion (Town)
-The Cradle of the Star (4-man Dungeon, 200Lv.+ range)
-[TimeAttack] The Cradle of the Star (8-man TimeAttack Instant Dungeon, 200Lv.+ range)

-New Area Quest Addition
-13Level Enchant extension
-New Reputation Addition


1. Fishing System

- Enter “Rainbow Fishery” from Belos
- Purchase “Bamboo Fishing Rod” from NPC Fisherman Hanui
- Equip Fishing Rod
- Use “Fishing” skill in Skill -> Action tab

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Patch Notes Update (Broken Seal Ep. 8-2): February. 23rd

1. Fashion Shop Item            
        Hiphop Training Set Package (M)    
        Hiphop Training Set Package (F)    
        Baby Elephant Hat    
        Baby Elephant Top    
        Baby Elephant Diaper    
        Baby Elephant Shoes    
        Baby Elephant Set    
        Devil Ring Package    

2. Contents            
    Broken Seal        
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LaTale - February 9th Update Notes

Game Updates

New LaTale Swag is Here!
Starting this update we’re kicking off the first ever collection of Buttons with LaTale theme to them.  These items will start to be handed out to players who win select Grand Prize events.  To learn more, check out full details here!

New Items
New Random Item Box (Heart Box)
Winter wardrobe Package Season 4(male, and female)
Black and White Valentine Sets in the Fashion Shop for two weeks only.
Charisma/Idia Functional Title Rings
New Vindicator Title obtainable with Ignate’s Title Coupon
Kitty/Panda/Puppy Backpacks!
Pink Cheerleader Set in Fashion Shop
Large LaDeck Revision
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LaTale - January 19th Update

Game Updates

Gothic Sales
A whole new list of items are on sale, and to accompany them, there’s two brand new bonus events that you can win big at!. : http://latale.ogplanet.com/en/news/event/6105.og

New Items
Gothic Crown Fashion Sets (Male/Female)
Winter wardrobe Package Season 3(male, and female)
Destiny/Saturn Functional Rings
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