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We will be running the very first English Dragonica CBT come July 2008.
If everything goes according to plan, we'll be open for registration very soon this June!

Top Speed is also another game slated to arrive (even sooner in June).
If you want guaranteed access to both games, check around our forum and here as well!
mmosite is one of IAH's closest game-site partners, so make sure to keep an eye open for upcoming games and updates!
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The Official English Dragonica forum is LIVE!

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Calling for 200 [Dragonica] Alpha adventurers!

Dear gamers,

Due to recent interest in the English-language version of Dragonica, IAHGames has decided to open up the Alpha-test to 200 external testers!

We'll be accepting applications soon and exact details will be announced once they are finalized. MMOSiters will of course get a hint or two along the way to help you into the final list! Please stay posted and regularly visit the official Dragonica CM Blogfor more information, updates, and a preview of what you will be experiencing, along with the other members of Team Alpha, on El Grego: Continent of Wind!

See you guys in-game!
 CM Kaye
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