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Aura Kingdom (or Fantasy Frontier for the Korean version) is a anime, fantasy MMORPG published by Aeriagames. I do not think I have to give more details since a whole bunch of people were anticipating this game for a long while before it even came to the Western market.

I, actually, wanted to review it on closed beta or open beta but could not run it on my old laptop. Then I got a new pc and decided to play a little bit. I remember a lot of people talking about this game and wanting to play it. Even a few bought the founders' packages. What I liked about it was that there also was a contest to win a founders' pack. All you had to do was make a video of you dancing with the soundtrack of a Crunchyroll's anime (Hare Hare Yukai). Some of the entries were quite funny. 

This will not be a review of the game but just some findings of the game after the whole hype has subsided and because I have been putting this off for way too long.

The start of your adventure in Aura Kingdom is the same as any other MMORPG out there. You have to create a character. In Aura Kingdom you can choose between 9 classes. Funny thing is, in AK you could not play as an archer on release, that class came about 2 months after the release. What I really liked about AK class system is that there was no class advancement for your class at level 40. Instead of that you choose a subclass (YAY for ranger/bard combination!)

After choosing a class and creating your character comes the, in my opinion, most difficult part of MMORPGs: thinking of a name for it. For me, this is a BIG problem. I, literally, can spend hours looking for a nice name for my character if the ones I usually use are already taken. 

Okay, so, your name is chosen, character created. Now you can choose an Eidolon. Eidolons in Aura Kingom are comparable to sprites from Grand Fantasia (another Aeriagames mmorpg) with the difference that you do not have to feed them to heal them ( just use your healing skills if you are a bard).

Fun fact for those who were not aware of it: if you choose Merrillee as your starter Eidolon you can actually AFK farm. Just set her up in aggressive mode and whenever you are attacked, she will save you. This method is frowned upon, but as far I know, not illegal since it is not botting by using a third party program. It is just a way to abuse the things in game and as long as you answer if someone says something to you, you will be fine.

This must be the cutest Eidolon in whole Aura Kingdom universe:


So leveling... Level 1 to 40 is a breeeeeeeeze. It really is. Maximum of 10 hours of questing and you are there. You do not even have to bother with any side story quests or fame quests. Then 40 to 50 asks a little bit more effort, but 50+ is just pure grind.

The game's story quests go up to level 60 but the level cap is 75. During my playtime in AK I have not seen many 75 players. Although they probably do exist. Every MMORPG has its very own people who dedicate way too much time to it. I used to like grinds but somehow the one in AK bothers me to the point I do not want to play this game.

Ah, gotta love South Park and their view on things.

The slav... *cough* Eidolons. You can use up to 3 Eidolons (same as Grand Fantasia's sprites) and you can obtain new ones in different ways. 

1. By leveling up. At certain levels (25 and 45 if I remember it correctly) you get an Eidolon.

2. Eidolon farming in the Tower of Eidolons. You can enter it once every six hours. But drop rate is really low and you need 10 pieces of a key to get one Eidolon.

3. Buy AP (aeria points) and pray to RNGesus it gives you an Eidolon from chance boxes. (Good job aeria on being creative and just copy-pasting the cash shop system from Grand Fantasia, making most of the things RNG based.)

4. Some other way I did not get into, sorry. You will have to find it out for yourself. :D

I actually liked Aura Kingdom but it killed the fun when my friend and I found out we cannot level together as two DPS classes.

His kills were not accepted in my quests and vice versa, but once I switched to bard-mode (means I healed him) then it suddenly worked.

Great thing in AK, you get daily mails from gold sellers. And for a second I thought I finally played a game that has NONE. 

Visually the game is nice, but nothing WOW! as I expected it to be from all the reviews and comments and anticipation. It is really just a better Grand Fantasia with a slightly different gameplay. I other words, something that bores quickly. I am sorry Aura Kingdom fans, but that is the truth. The game does not meet the expectations it built up with the publicity and all.

I think this will be enough trolling around for now. 

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