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Hello to everyone who reads it!

Today I will be making a first look on Dice Venture. It is a casual board game with chat features published by Netmarble, the publisher of Arcane Saga and Uncharted Waters Online. It's a pretty much Monopoly based game with only some features changed (Prison = Desert Island, different cities and buildings, etc.) And, God, I haven't played that game in ages. When I was a kid this game was THE game.

You have to download the client but it's a low spec game so it should run smoothly on every computer. At least it did on my Vaio, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this first look because my gaming laptop needs to see a doctor. /sad

After logging in you can choose a char. It will be your game card. Since Katrina was the closest version to my name, I chose her.

Later on, when you collect enough netmarble cash by winning games, you can buy character cards and merge them to have extra stats.

Now that you have your character, you are in the lobby. Here you can chose in which room you want to play, go into a room and watch someone else's game, create your own room or use a quick match for Team Match or Free For All.

Once you enter a room you have to wait for the other players. If you've chosen SOLO, you will be playing for your own. But the game is more interesting if you play in a team. Teams exist of 2 players, a red and a blue team. The good thing about teaming up is that you can build on your teammate's proprieties and vice versa, but you can not sell your teammate's proprieties if you don't have enough cash to pay taxes.

When everyone's ready and the game starts, each player has to draw a card. That card will determine which turn you are on. Something like rolling the dices and seeing who gets the biggest number.

The animations in this game are pretty cute and sometimes even funny. If you draw a fortune card that allows you to destroy someone's buildings there is a possibility that an alien attack will destroy it. Pretty funny to see. But the voiceover can be annoying

You can also play on Autoplay. Just hover your mouse over your avatar and you'll see Autoplay. Just click it, et voilà, the computer plays in your place. (You can see mine in the down right corner)

The whole game has a time limit of 25 minutes and a turn limit of 35 turns. And thank God it is there. Or the game would take ages, just like Monopoly always did for me. I think my longest match of Monopoly took about 3 weeks and we played for 5 hours a day. And yes we went outside, we just took the board with us.

You also have to think fast about your moves because you have only about 30 seconds to decide what you will do next.

The whole buying and building thing, counting your money, the joy of standing on Start so you get money and get to build a building on a random propriety. But it also brought back memories of arguings with friends about the rules. In the game you will find some people who still try to argue with you. I played 3 matches and on two of the three someone started calling me or my teammate "noob". Not many people talk while playing matches, but this game is perfect for me and my friends with whom I used to play Monopoly every day for at least 3 hours a day but can't now because I moved to a different country.

If you want to try out Dice Venture yourself then visit this website >>>LINK<<<

As always, please keep it clean (no profanity) and don't advertise websites that are not related to mmorpgs or games in any way. Must that happen I will use my right as the writer of this blog to delete such comments.

Thanks for reading and have fun gaming.

Oh, one more thing, a piece of advice from the game itself. :)

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