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Adventure & Mining is a Chinese mobile games developed by mu77 (mu77.com). A brief introduction of the game will be present here.

Adventure & Combat System

The adventure aspect of the game is similar to most mobile games: node exploration. Players can assemble various mercenaries or characters to fight against NPC enemies at each nodes. Each normal node has a CD of 2min while boss node has a CD of 20min.

A long list of available mercenaries are available at the game's wiki site.They include characters from Japanese animes such as Naruto, Fate Stay Nigh, Detective Conan, Sword Art Online etc, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Lord of the Ring, Norse mythology and even AV actress. Each mercenary has a few unique active or passive skills.

The combat formation revolves around selecting your desired mercenaries (max 25) and placing them in the desired order. The active skill for each mercenary are triggered by chance. Those who are placed at the front of the formation will have higher priority to use their skill. You and your opponent simply take turn to attack each other. The whole battle is carried out without any input from the player. The victor is the first team to deplete the HP of the opponent to zero.

Many mercenaries have powerful combo skills, which can only be activated when you have the specific set of characters. For example, with Naruto & Sasuke in the team, you can activate a combo skill of shadow clones (kage bunshin) & sharingan. Although the initial nodes are pretty easy, the battle against NPC's gets tough as you proceed and requires careful selection of mercenaries to defeat them.


There are 4 stats assigned to the formation which you pick: first attack, defense, evasion, final damage. First attack decides which side get to attack first at the start of a battle. The other 3 stats are self-explanatory. These stats can be boosted by selecting mercenaries with specific passive abilities. Higher grade mercenaries carries weapons which can increase the stats for the party as well.

There are a few ways to boost the strength of your team. The HP of the whole team is the sum of the Battle Capability of each individual mercenaries you picked. The Battle Capability stats can be enhanced by leveling up the mercenary or boosting his/her weapon. The damage of many skills are determined by the Battle Capability as well.

The experience spent to increase the level of a particular mercenary and his/her weapon can be transferred to another new mercenary which you have just acquired, with some additional cost. This system allow you to train new mercenaries you have obtained quickly to replace the old ones.


In the Colosseum, one can challenge the party of other players for ladder ranking. The players you can choose as opponent are randomly generated. The rewards from PVP can be used to summon the highest grade of mercenaries. Since the whole battle process is performed automatically, the outcome of the battle is largely dependent on the selection of mercenaries and luck (since skills are activated by chance).


Besides PVE & PVP, the game also allows players to perform mining activities to harvest the materials required to enhance weapons for mercenaries. Interestingly, you can also encounter monsters during the mining process. Once you have reached the required depth, you can set the mining process to automatic.

Adventure & Mining  

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