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Light of Darkness is a new 3D browser MMORPG launched on 6th May 2015 by 3Claws. Download a micro-client (~2MB) is required to launch and play the game on your browser. 2 servers have been opened so far, namely Poseidon and Zeus.

Play Light of Darkness

There are 3 classes released so far: Berserker, Assassin and Mage. As with most browser-based MMORPG, the game is free to play with cash shop selling various items, such as VIP membership, and other consumables. Various notable features of Light of Darkness will be introduced briefly here.

Beast System

After completing the main quest at level 11, players will obtain a beast. For example the mage will get an eagle. The beast can merge with the owner and special skills can be used in battle. Beast Stones can be fed to the beast to increase Beast Soul and grants attributes bonus. There are up to 10 different types of beast, namely eagle-eye guard, rune tooth, ice werewolf, night talker, blazing giant, thunder mashal, lord of slaying, lion in mask, soul ripper and destroyer.

Chrono Energy

Chrono Energy is the main universal resource in the game, which is used to upgrade skills, focus equipment, light up the Zodiac etc. Chrono Energy can be obtained from doing various quests, gather energy, ice-fire battle, illusion maze, time-travel quest etc.

Mount System

Mount only allows you to move fast through the game, but also increases your stats. The look or skin of the mount changes as you level it up. The old mount skin will not be deleted upon upgrade, but rather you can select and apply the mount skin you like. Mount stones (which can be obtained through quest or purchased in cash shop) are consumed to upgrade your mount.

PVP System

Light of Darkness has a PVP ladder ranking system for 1v1 and 3v3. Only the first 10 battles of the day is counted towards the ranking. You gain battle achievement in PVP, which can be used to exchange for various rewards. Your opponent will be automatically matched according to your PVP ranking and winning rate. The PVP scores reset at the end of every month.

Review & Suggestions

The game has pretty good 3D graphics, especially for a browser-based game. However, the UI seems cluttered and need to be cleaned up so that players can have a better view of the in-game environment and the character/monster models.

The English texts in the description of quest, skills etc need to be improved, as they are apparently not written by native English speakers and can be quite confusing at times.

In my opinion, the pace of the game needs to be slowed down slightly. Currently, it is quite over whelming when your character moves from one place to another via automatic movement and attacking during story quest. At the same time, various system notice & messages keep popping up, without giving much time for players to read and understand them.

Light of Darkness  

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