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Blade & Soul Mobile OBT will start on 10th Mar 2016 for Android and iOS. The mobile game is developed by NCsoft and distributed by Tencent. The game is only available in Chinese language. To conjunction with the OBT of Blade & Soul Mobile, a new costume and a new pet, Jasmine have been released in Blade & Soul Online (MMORPG). The costume can be obtained free, by simply logging into the mobile game.

Check out the new CG trailer for Blade & Soul Mobile OBT!

After several rounds of CBT, the game is finally ready for OBT on 10th Mar. Go to the official site now and click "立刻预约" (choose either WeChat or QQ platform for the game) to receive various goodies for the game, including Diamond (cash point equivalent), Gold, and a Namsoyoo character card (see below).

Players get to choose one of the 3 ring genies who will accompany you throughout the adventure in Blade & Soul Mobile.

Familiar characters in the original story will appear in the mobile game as well. Dochun who rescued the main character from drowning at the start of Blade & Soul story is a Kungfu Master, who can act as a tanker and disabler, in the game (see below). Namsoyoo is a Force Master who has high fire AOE damage in the game as well.

Familiar bosses and NPC's, such as Infernal Lord (from Tomb of Exile), Poharan (from Blackram Supply Base), Lusung, Hajoon, Jinsoyun etc are among the characters who will appear in Blade & Soul Mobile.

Unlike typical card games, the game features QTE gameplay whereby players need to input real-time command by tapping the screen at appropriate moment to execute combo on disabled enemies.

Affected by the spell of the ring genie, your vision of male characters will be affected in the game. Many male NPC's will appear as female!

Blade & Soul Mobile  

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