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Pocket MapleStory SEA: Introduction

PlayPark Company Limited has released Pocket MapleStory SEA for Android and iOS. Pocket MapleStory achieved the number one spot on the Top Free Games charts in Google Play and iTunes App Store within the first week of launch in Korea.

Pocket MapleStory is a side scrolling RPG adventure game based on MapleStory created for mobile platform. Fans of the original MapleStory will be delighted to find their favorite characters on their mobile phone. You can go on quests, fight monsters, clear dungeons with friends & join guilds in the game.  Currently, there are up to 5 classes released so far, namely Demon Slayer, Kaiser, Dual Blade, Mechanic, Angelic Buster.


Demon Slayer - wields blunt weapon for powerful attack; can attack multiple enemies, using area attack skills, after

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Blade & Soul Mobile OBT: 10th Mar 2016

Blade & Soul Mobile OBT will start on 10th Mar 2016 for Android and iOS. The mobile game is developed by NCsoft and distributed by Tencent. The game is only available in Chinese language. To conjunction with the OBT of Blade & Soul Mobile, a new costume and a new pet, Jasmine have been released in Blade & Soul Online (MMORPG). The costume can be obtained free, by simply logging into the mobile game.

Check out the new CG trailer for Blade & Soul Mobile OBT!

After several rounds of CBT, the game is finally ready for OBT on 10th Mar. Go to the official site now and click "立刻预约" (choose either WeChat or QQ platform for the game) to receive various goodies for the game, including Diamond (cash point equivalent), Gold, and a Namsoyoo charac

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Mobile Game: Adventure & Mining

Adventure & Mining is a Chinese mobile games developed by mu77 (mu77.com). A brief introduction of the game will be present here.

Adventure & Combat System

The adventure aspect of the game is similar to most mobile games: node exploration. Players can assemble various mercenaries or characters to fight against NPC enemies at each nodes. Each normal node has a CD of 2min while boss node has a CD of 20min.

A long list of available mercenaries are available at the game's wiki site.They include characters from Japanese animes such as Naruto, Fate Stay Nigh, Detective Conan, Sword Art Online etc, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Lord of the Ring, Norse mythology and even AV actress. Each mercenary has a few unique active or passive skills.

The combat formation revolves around selecting y

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Tree of Savior English CBT1 - First Impression

Tree of Savior (ToS) English version commenced its first CBT on 5th Aug 2015. The CBT test is a relatively small scale one with only 5000 players. Take note that, the ToS Korean version is still in CBT 3 at this moment. It is pretty rare that the English version of the game goes into CBT phase at such an early development phase.  However, this also means that English speaking audience will get to play the game in English very soon! Kudos to IMCgames!

I have not played the Korean version of the game before. So this is indeed my first time playing the game and the article will be my first impression of the game.  First, the graphic of the game is very nice. The 2D sprites of characters, monsters and bosses ingame are very cute and reminds me of the old RPG which i used to play a

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Echo of Soul Online: First Impression

Echo of Soul Online English version has been launched recently. The game is developed by Korean game developer Nvius and published in North America and Europe by Aeria Games.  The game has been heavily publicized; chances are you have seen the commercials of the game before in the internet. I have recently tried the Chinese version of the game, which was launched by Chang You last year. This is a my first impression review on the chinese version of the game (although the game has been out for awhile but this is the first time i played it).

The game allows you to choose between one of the 6 classes, namely Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, Sorceress and Warlock (not released in English version yet). At level 10, you will be able to choose one of the 2 specializations in the skill

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Light of Darkness Introduction and Review

Light of Darkness is a new 3D browser MMORPG launched on 6th May 2015 by 3Claws. Download a micro-client (~2MB) is required to launch and play the game on your browser. 2 servers have been opened so far, namely Poseidon and Zeus.

Play Light of Darkness

There are 3 classes released so far: Berserker, Assassin and Mage. As with most browser-based MMORPG, the game is free to play with cash shop selling various items, such as VIP membership, and other consumables. Various notable features of Light of Darkness will be introduced briefly here.

Beast System

After completing the main quest at level 11, players will obtain a beast. For example the mage will get an eagle. The beast can merge with the owner and special skills can be used in battle.  Beast Stones can be fed to the beast to increa

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Monster Hunter Online 2nd Close Beta Review



Monster Hunter Online is an action MMORPG on PC platform and has recently started its second close beta test in China on 24th of Oct 2013. The game is developed by Tencent Games, with technical support from CAPCOM, the developer and IP owner of Monster Hunter series, based on CryENGINE 3. Currently, the game is only available in Chinese, and it is still unknown if the game will be distributed outside of china or translated to other languages. This article gives a brief overview on the game based on this second CBT.


Monster Hunter Online is an instance-based MMORPG. Each player is given 20 hunting licenses each day and 1 license will be consumed upon entering an instance/dungeon. The concept is pretty much similar to other instance-based games with a fatigue system

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Black Desert Online CBT: Battle System & Warrior Skill Introduction

The battle system of Black Desert Online is a non-targeting one, as shown by my first impression article.This article presents more details on the character stats, battle system and the skills of warrior class.


Character Stats

First let look at the stats window for a character:


The stats windows is surprisingly simple, with only a few stats displayed, namely (in the order shown in the figure above), HP, FP, HP recovery, FP recovery, Weight, Attack, Defense and Tendency (I am not sure what the last one refers to).


FP is used by the 3 physical attack classes namely archer, warrior and giant for skill casting, while sorceress uses MP instead. Weight stats show the weight of items and gear you are allowed to carry and wear. Every single item you w

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Black Desert Online 1st CBT Review

Aspenach (see ref 1) has written a general introduction and review on the 1st CBT of Black Desert Online which ended on 23rd Oct. In this review, I will talk about other features which he has not discussed and my experience in this CBT.


Seamless Open World and Weather System

As you may notice from various videos of the game, the environment in Black Desert Online is simply stunning. One of the key selling points of the game is that the open world is realized as a seamless space. Other conventional open world mmorpg’s are in fact just bigger “boxes” connecting to one another; therefore you will encounter some form of ‘loading’ when you cross from one box to another.


In Black Desert, when you travel from town to town or region to region, you will never see any form of loadi

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A First Look at Black Desert Online CBT

The highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert conducted its first Closed Beta Test (CBT) from 18th Oct to 25th Oct.


I will write a detailed review after the cbt ends. For now, lets have a quick look at the game :D.


The first video shows the world map which you can open by pressing M. The map is very well-made in my opinion, as compared to other MMORPG's. It shows a lot of details and 3D models.



Small Pictures: show the location of your quest and the npc or the monster you should be looking for.


Sun: show the current location of the sun, and thus the time in game.


House Icon: residential area


Unexplored areas are covered in fog.


There are other features in the map which i don't quite understand (since i can't really read korean), such as moving carriage, the lines and circle connecting different area etc.


The next video shows me exploring the town. You could climb onto any obstacles or walls which are sligh

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