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Recently I have a difficulty of finding a good mmorpg that would keep me occupied like Lineage and eFlyFF did.

I am more of a grinder than quester or dungeoner, but I do also realise that a majority of mmorpg players are not.

So I was thinking, what if there was a master game? What if some company could make THE mmorpg?

- B2P model: Yes, you read this good. A B2P model. There is nothing as bad for a regular gamer as a P2P model, and nothing as bad for the company as a F2P model. But not to make it too simplistic, there should be a cash shop but not one that would matter much for the end game experience.

- Stunning graphics: a merge between cute anime style and Skyrim style? (Can't think of anything else than Skyrim atm xD Sorry. This combo would make a weird one when you think of it xD Hell, I might try and draw it.)

- Grindfest: so that all the grindfestlovers as myself would enjoy just going into the fields and killing mobs over and over again.

But adding to this: a good drop rate of in game money and greens.

- Quest based: If you're not much of a grinder, choose quest based type of leveling. But not the sort of quests like kill x amount of these mobs, collect xx amount of these quest items. No, something more challenging. Like, riddles, perhaps? To get cues to the riddles you'd have to explore the maps. (Would need regular updates so that the players who make a new char won't have to do the same ones again, as repeating quests gets boring). And as reward for finishing a quest you'd get extra exp, and some rewards.

Or quests with mini-games that would give you exp.

- While grinding (not quest related grind) there should be a special thing dropping that would allow players to buy cash shop items with. (Would be kind of a reward for those who prefer grinding over questing)

- Good drop rate: For a regular mmorpg'er there's nothing worse than a bad drop rate.

- Good exp rate for the highbies so that no one gets frustrated.

- A bunch of in game events as well as Forum ones: events, events, events, I love events. xD

- Raffles & A LOT of contests: The more riddle quests you finish the greater the chance of you winning a raffle?

- Flying system: yes, flying system. But one with actual combat in the sky, maybe some skills that can only be use while flying?

- A lot of different classes: you choose your race (1 or 3 races, each with special abilities only for that race). You start off as a beginner, at xx level you change your job into one of the 5. You level up more and at xx level you can choose between 3 subtypes of the first job you chose, then at xx level you get another job change where you choose between 2 final jobs for your chosen second job.

- Very large skill tree but easy to handle. Not working with skill points but with buying scrolls and taking them to alchemy (that's what I like in Grand Fantasia)

- Talents!: Talents are a nice thing, you could choose your talents on your own. So that no player would have the same talents combo as you have. Would make your char more unique.

I don't know what else could be implemented.

If you know of something.. Let it know :D Maybe one day a game industry will read this and think "Hmm, that actually is a good idea" and work it out. ^-^

(I do realise that some things are ridiculous. But imagine a master mmorpg that pleases everyone!)


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