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Infinity Wars card game

There are plenty of online trading card games available, with the two most popular being Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

I played both games (MTG even before I started being interested in online TCGs).

Infinity Wars is one of those games that promises a lot but does not quite get there. 

Fully animated? Mhm, right, Hearthstone still beats you in that. They did, however, manage to make the game more strategic as Magic The Gathering.

Infinity Wars is a Trading Card Game published by Lightmare Studios. It is now in Early Access on Steam. (-sigh- I really have no idea how it comes that I recently keep reviewing games from Steam).

Infinity Wars is a lot similar to Magic The Gathering but in my opinion a little more complicated.

In this game you have 2 battlegrounds: defensive a

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Deadbreed MOBA steam closed beta

Recently I have found myself playing a lot of MOBAs. But, well, if you get free accesses to games then why not try them out for a couple of minutes (or longer, depending on how fun the game is.)

So now I got some Beta package from a giveaway and it would have been a waste if I did not use it. I am going to be honest, though, I have not spent that much time in Deadbreed as I should have (work is taking a huge blame for that) to properly review this game so this will be a first look and what I noticed after my first match. The game is not available to players from Oceania and Asia.

So, Deadbreed.

Deadbreed is an indie creepy-themed MOBA created by a group of industry veterans from Sweden. It was on greenlight on steam and now the Early Access is available since first of Ju

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Magicka: Wizard Wars Steam early access

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a MOBA based on the popular game Magicka.

In this game you (and your opponents) are wizards. The whole point of this game is to take over spawn points so your opponents cannot respawn when they get killed.


In Magicka: Wizard Wars you can choose between three types of gameplay. Either an 8-player match (4 versus 4), a duel (1 versus 1, duh) or practice. In practice you get a dummy to train your skills as Magicka: Wizard Wars is not a very easy game.


The point of a 4v4 battle is to take over all the spawn points so your enemies cannot respawn. Once you do that and you kill all your enemies, you win the match. During this match you also get minions spawned which help you kill your enemies.


A duel happens in a duel arena, this map is differe

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Strife MOBA Closed Beta Test (first look)

Strife is now in Closed Beta test. For the coming few days you can get your CBT key through Humble Bundle Weekly Bundle sale for only 1 dollar together with a few other games. The sale ends in about 6 days, so if you want to try Strife you can purchase that bundle. And let's be honest, 1 dollar is nothing plus you get other games with that. Or you can wait for the company to send you a CBT code whch might never come.

Strife is a MOBA like DOTA2 or League of Legends. Two 5-man teams take the battle to defeat the enemy's base. There are small differences gameplay during the match.

At the very beginning you are forced to finish the tutorial. It is a quite easy tutorial and does not take that much time, but it should be optional. Most players already have played a MOBA before, a forc

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Aura Kingdom - a look at the hype after the hype

Aura Kingdom (or Fantasy Frontier for the Korean version) is a anime, fantasy MMORPG published by Aeriagames. I do not think I have to give more details since a whole bunch of people were anticipating this game for a long while before it even came to the Western market.

I, actually, wanted to review it on closed beta or open beta but could not run it on my old laptop. Then I got a new pc and decided to play a little bit. I remember a lot of people talking about this game and wanting to play it. Even a few bought the founders' packages. What I liked about it was that there also was a contest to win a founders' pack. All you had to do was make a video of you dancing with the soundtrack of a Crunchyroll's anime (Hare Hare Yukai). Some of the entries were quite funny. 

This wil

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Fishing Paradise 3D - Broaden your fishing experience

The Bass Professor invites you to join him on a new fishing adventure in the multi-platform MMO Fishing Paradise 3D.

I have to admit, this is the very first time I have ever played a fishing game.  The game is playable on Facebook, tablet and android devices.

To my surprise the graphics are really nice in this game. The starting area is simple. It is just your average fishing spot at a lake. But it looks stunning! The graphics of the water are so neatly done that for a second I thought it was actual water filmed and not graphically designed. The sound is also nice, in the first location you hear the chirping of birds and the sounds of grasshoppers. It is a really calming sound.

You can also travel the world to catch different species. But you need a certain level to be able to leav

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Robert Morris University Illinois first to offer scholarship for LoL players

So today I stumbled on some fun news.

Apparently eSports is becoming an official sport that even universities acknowledge.

Robert Morris University announced they will be giving a scholarship to League of Legend players.

This is what RMU says about the scholarship:

RMU Becomes First University to Offer Gaming Scholarships With the Addition of eSports to Varsity Lineup

League of Legends - Wed, Jun. 11, 2014

CHICAGO - Robert Morris University Illinois is pleased to announce the addition of an online sport to its athletic program.  Commonly referred to as eSports, the activity consists of organized video game competitions. Specifically, RMU students will compete in League of Legends, one of the largest and most popular eSport games.    Although eSports have long b

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Onigiri Online (not exactly) CBT [First Look]

So while taking a study break I found out that Onigiri Beta test was launching today. I am not really sure if it is appropriate to call it a CBT as everyone can play. 

Isn't a CBT supposed to be only for a certain amount of players? Apparently not for Cyberstep. They decide to be hipster that way, I guess.

Official website can be found here.

But let's not drill further on that. Let's get the first look.

In this blog I will have a look at following aspects of the game:

1) Character creation (duh... In my opinion that's even the most fun part of games)

2) Character types

3) Weapons

4) Mechanics, skills and stats

5) Dungeons

Let's get started!

1) Character creation

This is actually pretty fun in Onigiri. You can't choose between races like in many other mmos but you choose you

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Happy Tribes (mobile) review

Happy Tribes is an online mobile game published by Shanda Games. The game is a mobile game. It can be compared to all those Facebook games. However, you can add friends outside of facebook.

I already had a blog about it but I decided to work it out a little more and add some features I did not mention in the first blog. THis might feel like repetition because I will take the first blog and just add whatever I have to or take out information I misinterpreted at first.

First off you make your world and name it whatever you want. Then you have to maintain it. You build a mine, farm, houses, etc.

In this game you start with only 4 tribe members, but you can get more the more you level up. For this you also have to level up your houses. With each level your houses increase, the max amoun

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A newbie view to League of Legends

I am not a huge fan of PvP aspects in games and that is a reason why I have not played MOBAs for such a long time. As the days pass by and I get tired of a game I like and crave for trying something else, I got talked into playing League of Legends for a little longer run than my First attempt on that game. Which was about 1 hours (equal to one match resulting in me almost throwing my laptop outside of the window). I started playing LoL with a fresh view on it since I needed something else than the usual mmorpgs I am playing.

Everyone knows what League of Legends is, so I am not going to explain it all here. I will just start with my view on it based on the, approxiamtely, ten hours that I have spent playing it.

The First difficulty I stumbled across was which server to pick? I have frien

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