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Prepare Yourselves: Guild Wars 2 Beta Explosion and World Vs World PvP

What's up guys!  I'm extremely happy to tell you that the press NDA will be lifted on Monday, February 20th.  What does this mean?  The NDA basically protected leakage of closed beta information during the testing phase, so that the closed beta testers would not recklessly release random and potentially outdated game info, since closed betas are often going through constant iterations.  With the NDA lifted for the press, they will be able to release their impressions of the closed beta, and provide us with lots of delicious screen shots and videos.  It is important to note however, that this lifting of the NDA is exclusively for press only.  All other testers and fans who have been invited to play GW2 beta will still have to remain silent.  Also rememb

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Guild Wars 2: Passionate Developers

This amazing video was just released by Wartower, and it really shows how much the GW2 devs love the game!  While the video does not show us any new concrete info, it does show us the amount of dedication and excitement that the team has for us fans!

What I enjoy most from this video is the sheer enthusiasm that is shown throughout the mini interviews. We all know from personal experiences, that doing something you love is just the greatest feeling.  When we see a team composed of passionate gamers, artists, storytellers, programmers, and designers, it really tells us a lot about the game itself.

Be sure to check out Wartower's channel, because they have some very nice videos showing an extensive amount of GW2 gameplay.  They will also be covering GW2 extensively in the future as more news and info comes rolling in, so stay tuned!  Plus, their introduction theme song is from Castle Crashers, as if that wasn't epic enough already!

P.S.  Keep your

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Rift: Planes of Telara | Impressions

Whoah.  It's not a Guild Wars 2 post!  What kind of sorcery is this!?

Rift:  Planes of Fire Invasion.  Mobs nearby can be imbued with special buffs from the Planes of Fire.

A couple friends bought me Rift a month ago, telling me to play it while waiting for GW2.  At first, I was pretty reluctant, as I had already done all research on the game, and had seen multitudes of screen shots + gameplay videos.  My initial conclusion was that the game simply took all the familiar stuff from WoW and prepackaged it with a couple new gimmicks i.e rifts and invasions.  However, after realizing that I still had a couple months to fill that MMO void in my life, I opened the game box and proceeded to install the game onto my trusty little laptop.

For those of you who a

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Guild Wars 2: Awesome Gameplay

Hey guys!

Below are two videos that I HIGHLY recommend viewing for those who have not seen them, or have not watched actual Guild Wars 2 footage.  The thing that separates these videos from all the other game play videos scattered on Youtube is valuable commentary.  The reason why this commentary is valuable, is because it comes from a well known game reviewer who has never ever played the game in his life.  Not only that, he also knows very little compared to a lot of the other fans who have been following the game for some time.  Due to these reasons, watching this reviewer play is basically like watching a fresh beginner making his way through the world, without much of the previous lore and experience of a rabid Guild Wars 2 follower.

You get to see a beginner's first time reactions to all those features that GW2 has been gushing about.  For those who are still borderline on their opinions of how the systems would work within the game, here is a perfect

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