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Ncsoft Q4 Conference Call

NCSoft revealed their future plan on foreign Blade&Soul release in Q4 conference call that was held today. "After official launch in CN, we are looking towards foreign release of Blade&Soul this year in following regions : Japan, Taiwan and Russia, in that order." said Mu-Jin Hyun, the NCSoft representative. "Future foreign releases will be based on current CN build."

He also commented on their expected 2014 revenue that "The revealed expected revenue includes part of revenue that would be made from Japan, Taiwan and Russian release."

Original text:

(머니투데이 홍재의 기자) 엔씨소프트 (215,000원6000 2.9%)는 13일 2013년 4분기 컨퍼런스콜에서 "올해 블레이드&소울(이하 블소) 중국 상용화 이후 일본, 대만, 러시아에 순차적으로 출시할 예정이다"며 "중국 외에서 서비스할 블소는 중국에 반영한 여러 가지 추가 모델을 반영한 버전이 될 것이다"고 밝혔다.

현무진 엔씨소프트 전무는 "일본, 대만, 러시아 등에서 출시할 블소의 향후 매출 일부를 2014년 실적 예상치에 반영했다"고 덧붙였다.

<저작권자 @머니투데이, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지>

source: http://m.mt.co.kr/new/view.html?no=2014021312270662952

Together with me, a lot of B&S fans are deeply hurt by this news. There seems to be no plan in the near future to release it in EU/NA. Ncsoft's history with releasing games on both EU/NA might be the reason why they are postponing or even refusing to release it in these regions. Last Ncsoft game i played was Aion and even though the game changed into a free-to-play cosmetic game, i can safely say that game flopped.

This news put me straight to Pingtest.net to find out if the ping to any russian location would be just as devastating as China.

Surprisingly this was the result:
Holland>Russia(barnaul, most central point i could find)


Judging by both results i might be able to play the game within a pingrange of 60-120ms which to me is totally acceptable. Unfortunalty this will result in me and many other fans grinding, gearing up and in the end just leaving for a new server... ONCE AGAIN!

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