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I’ll admit it. I’m not a fan of MMORPG’s that requires players to pay, subscribe or buy the game or to describe it in a single word, I’m certainly a Cheapskate. But I have my reasons, I eventually quit to play MMORPGs after quite sometime playing the game, tired of doing repeatable quests and endless mob grinding not to mention a boring community. Until eventually, I encountered Guild Wars 2.

At first, I was skeptical about the game specially when I encountered several game reviews like this one from Forbes which made me more curious about the game. I decided to read different stories from players and gaming sources like Kotaku then watched gameplay videos on YouTube before going to their main website for more information about the game which for might be biased. This is how I usually do before buying things. I do my research. After some time I was convinced that Guild Wars 2 is definitely a good game to play. But since I’m a cheapskate and had some doubts about myself getting bored, I never purchased the game right after It was released last August 28, 2012.I thought I could endure not to purchase and play the game. But after a few weeks. I eventually did.

After playing the games for 2-3 weeks, with a casual gaming pattern of 12-22 hours a week. I decided to warn those who are curious and itching to try and play the game, and here’s my reasons you should not try to play Guild Wars 2 :

Continue Reading This At : http://frappular.com/games-reviews/why-you-should-not-try-to-play-guild-wars-2-a-game-review/

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