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The highlights of my trip to ChinaJoy in Shanghai are people, lots of people and the scorching high temperature in the city.


It was 41 degree centigrade in Shanghai during the CJ period, which was at an all-time record high. However, the heat did not stop people rushing to CJ.



The main exhibition halls are from N1 to N5. We entered into the building from Square 1, and had to march slowly in a long u-shaped queue to the Entry Hall. We thought that we could just enter into main exhibition halls after going through Entry Hall. What a naive thought! E1 to E7 halls were there for us to go through! Just check out the map below. When I finally arrived at N5, I had finished drinking a bottle of water and needed some food immediately as I was famished from the queuing.



In Chinese there is a description known as People Mountain People Sea (人山人海), which means a hell lot of people! You are always guaranteed to meet someone special at CJ.


What are you doing, Angel? Are you too fat to fly back to heaven?




Don’t you feel hot?



Ok, here comes the highlight of this blog ---- Show Girls. It seems that show girl is a kind of tradition in CJ. Sometimes they will steal the limelight from the games. I know there are a lot of show girls’ pictures around MMOsite but I believe you guys don’t mind seeing more. 


When we talk about show girls, which kind of image is in your mind? Sexy, slim, busty, long slender legs, great butt, right?


I found some show girls were a little bit skinny, while some were not that slim.



If you saw them from different angles, like from the back or looking up…




Show girl is not an easy job. 

“Hold on your smile.”



“Look at camera. Don’t blink your eyes.”



"Can I take a picture with you?” “Ok, but your hand…”


Show girls had to stand a long time, which drained their energy and attention. 



I really applaud the professionalism of all the show girls who showed during their work in CJ. Great Work! Thanks a lot!








ChinaJoy 2013 Show Girl Shanghai People  

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