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Summer at ChinaJoy: People! Show Girls! People!


The highlights of my trip to ChinaJoy in Shanghai are people, lots of people and the scorching high temperature in the city.


It was 41 degree centigrade in Shanghai during the CJ period, which was at an all-time record high. However, the heat did not stop people rushing to CJ.


The main exhibition halls are from N1 to N5. We entered into the building from Square 1, and had to march slowly in a long u-shaped queu

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Summer @ ChinaJoy: The Most Distant Way in the World Is the Love between You and Me

Tencent brought about ten games to ChinaJoy this year. In my eyes, Blade and Soul would be the most expected one. How did I know? There was always a long waiting line for BS test play!

There were ten computers for players to try BS. Each player had 15 minutes to play through. When time ran up, the screen was locked. A staff came over to ask players to leave. Even the test time was so short, which could not keep players away.

What a pity that I could not make myself have a test play. I even begged a staff. He only replied:”Sorry, we have too many people who want to play BS. Please come here this afternoon or tomorrow.”

I had whirled around Tencent booth many times, but still could not find someone trying the headset. Then an idea just came across. No matter which game, I had to enter into Ten...
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Summer @ ChinaJoy: I Will Prepare Myself to Top Up!

Hello, MMOsiters~ I am planning to create a serial blogs about my trip to ChinaJoy 2013.

I am very excited about it. Before I start, I have to claim that I am not an English native speaker. So please forgive my poor English. If you can’t understand what I write, please tell me. I really want to improve my English. Thanks a lot.

Here is my plan of CJ 2013 trip. My husband and I will leave for Shanghai on July 25. We will go for CJ for two days, 26th and 27th. Then go home at 28th.

In fact, I am not a gamer, but my husband is. Since I played in 3rd Blade and Soul CN CBT, I think I am on the road to be a big gamer. Lol, maybe it’s just a daydream. I am not really good at playing games. However, I am strongly curious about game mechanics of different games and game industry’s development. I beli

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A Mystic Creature was found about 10,000 meters below the Tower of Mushin!

A Mystic Creature was found about 10,000 meters below the Tower of Mushin!!!

Anyone knows what/who it is??!

These screenshots are from dadradra 's article on bns.plaync.com.

Source: DUOWAN

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