Paladins - Zhin, The Tyrant enters the realm with new Onslaught game mode

By: Tony259 posted at Jun 11, 2017 5:39 pm

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OB52 is coming up and Hi-Rez are introducing the next Flanking character into the game, this is a character that Hi-Rez had even said they wished they could of him in sooner, and I can see why. Zhin's skill set offers him high mobility and complete damage mitigation, so far I think he will have one of the best kits in game for when it comes to versatility and being able to out-play the enemy, especially when it comes to his counter skill in particular.

[LMB] Inferno Blade
Within 2s, hurl burning oil with two quick swings that deal 450 damage and a heavy swing that deals 700 damage.

Zhin has a unique base attack in that the attacks hit-box changes per swing, the first hit starts off with a horizontal shot, followed by a diagonal and then a vertical hit as shown above, his last swing will be the hardest to connect to due both the speed of the projectile and that it's also the thinnest, but the reward is that it deals 700 damage.


[RMB] Counter
Enter a counter stance for 2s. If you take an enemy hit to the front of your character you negate any effects of the hit and counter attack with a melee strike dealing 800 damage

The base version of this skill will simply reflect a single attack, so ideally it will serve most purpose to use it on any single high hitting attack, such as a sniper or rocket shot. The legendary version of Counter changes it so that counter won't end upon countering the first hit, but will instead leave you fully immune to frontal damage for the entire 2 seconds while being able to throw back up to 3 hits instead, which means it will work great against enemies that fire rapidly.


[Q] Billow
Disperse into smoke, become un-targetable and gain +20% movement speed for 2.5s.

Much like Ghroks ghost walk, this is a good skill to get back round a corner and/or completely negate any massive damage you might receive.


[F] Whirl
Lunge forward while swinging your blade in a deadly arc dealing 400 damage to nearby enemies.

Obviously something you can use to engage with and close the gap if needed since Zhin ideally wants to be fairly close to his enemies, you could use it for damage but really it would be used to help finish off an enemy as opposed to actually dealing damage, or to throw their aim off by cleaving through them with it.


[E] Spite - Ultimate
Launch forward and incapacitate an enemy with a series of vicious melee attacks dealing 2000 damage over 1.5s

Zhin has a fairly scary ultimate due to it's potential insta-kill capability, 2000 is a lot of damage for any non-tank champion to receive, being hit by it will leave them suspended in the air for 1.5 seconds which means people can fire on the enemy to deal extra damage and help secure a kill. There is a Legendary version of his ultimate which changes each hit into a raw 20% HP damage to shred down tanks, which gives Paladins 2 characters that can now kill off tanks with a single hit of the ultimate.

There will be 4 new skins coming with the OB52 patch, a Rare and Epic skin for Ying, and a Rare for Cassie and Willow. Ying's new Epic skin also has a new Voice pack to unlock with it with some interesting voice lines that slightly reminded me of HK-47 from Knights of the old Republic.


New mode: Onslaught

The new mode is something you would find on other FPS games in which you have a certain amount of points or tickets that slowly go down with each kill or every second depending on how many capture points you or the enemy team have, so something similar to Battlefields Conquest mode.

Onslaught has both teams fight to control the centre point of the map for as long as possible, the first team to get to 400 points will win. The way the scoring works is by each kill you make will give your team 5 points, while holding the centre capture point will give your team another 2 points per second, so this makes it quite vital to take control of the point.

The survival game mode will be leaving the game mode rotation so that onslaught can take its place, it will also be using the same maps that survival has been using, I don't think Hi-Rez stated when or if the survival mode will be coming back in.

If you want to check out the rest of the changes coming to OB52 then check out the patch notes on the forum here: http://forums.paladins.com/showthread.php?43857-Open-Beta-52-Patch-Notes-June-9th-2017&p=270196#post270196

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