ArcheAge OBT Russia: Registration and download guide

By: Tony259 posted at Feb 24, 2014 3:33 pm

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The Russian ArcheAge is in it's OBT state and anyone can now enter the game, all you need to do is register and download the client and you're in, it's very simple and shoulden't take you more than a few minutes to be registered and starting to download the client if you're interested in checking it out.

Firstly, go to mail.ru (click on the pictures if you can't see well enough)

Now just follow the guide on the picture:

After you have finished with the registration, you should be able to come off of the next page that comes up which should be the email page to the account you just set up, so now go to aa.mail.ru to continue which brings you to the ArcheAge RU site, just continue reading the instructions on the pictures below:

After the page above is done, at the front page of the website you just need to click on the download page at the top:

And that should be it, after the small file has downloaded just proceed by clicking on the .exe and choose where you want the client to download and install for you, once done you should see this and be ready to go:

I will mention that during Russian prime time that the servers are heavily congested and have massive queue times, so until they either add more servers or expand the current ones if that's possible, then you will be waiting perhaps several hours to get into the game unless you're fortunate that you're logging in outside of their Prime time hours, so with that said if anyone has any questions then feel free to ask, good luck and have fun.

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