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So I decided to try something new for this one, one of the reasons being that I felt it would be easier to relay my thoughts about the game just because of how it is, it also gives me the opportunity to see if anyone likes this kind of thing along with a general write up of the game. Any feedback is welcome (please keep it constructive if you do) giving that this is my first of any video reviews/first looks that I've done.

So I tried to be as unbias as possible, the game really isn't for me though I can understand the potential it has and how many people can enjoy this title, though I can see how many people like my self also won't enjoy this at the same time.


- Combat is interesting, I can see how it would become more fun to grind as you unlock more classes giving you access to more skills to play with.
- Fairly easy to get into with minimal quest reading and running back and forth, also having the ability to teleport directly to the quest npc after completion is a bonus.
- The music is actually quite nice to listen to whilst you're just casually/mindlessly grinding.
- Partying up is heavily encouraged to do whilst leveling up which many MMOs may fail to do.
- Playing with a control pad works amazingly well with the game, I personally enjoyed using a pad over the mouse and keyboard for once.


- No real character customization, only hair options.
- Whilst RO fans will enjoy this games grind/gameplay, I feel that many people won't enjoy the grind as it's very heavy on it, it feels more of a nostalgia game.
- Low level boss encounters feel incredibly tedious to go through killing with their huge HP pools, there's very little player thought required to kill them for at least the first 20 levels, all whilst lacking a nice amount of skills to play with whilst wailing on them for the next 5 minutes.

- Low level grinding also felt really tedious again due to lack of skills and plenty of downtime whilst recovering mana, spamming mp potions at the start doesn't seem like a good idea as you will run through your money quick.

- It doesn't ease you into the grinding very well and the mobs spike in levels and health quite rapidly which increases the time to kill too quick.

- Doesn't feel like the game caters to the solo players due to just how many boss encounters there is and how long it takes to kill them solo, you're also gaining exp technically slower if you're not in a grinding party, so casual solo players may not enjoy the game experience as much.

Obviously opinion may differ on this and it feels difficult to really give this game justice due to the many RO fans out there and the fact that it's a game I never played. Even though I don't feel like it's a game to me, I still think I can potentially suggest players to give this game a try as it does have a lot to offer, it just all depends on if you can actually appreciate the games grind and get to the fun stuff to do at the later stages.

I only got to level 25 before putting the game down as the grind didn't feel like it was getting any easier and the boss encounters (which as I mentioned just felt really tedious to me as a more solo player, though it as much quicker and somewhat more fun when I did some in a party) just kept coming. So like I said, give this game a try if you love a good grind and/or even old school MMOs like RO, if not then all I can say is save your self the effort and steer clear of it.

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